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NickMom Clique | Earn Rewards and Prizes

by Jenn

Do you like to be rewarded for things we already do online?  I just joined NickMom Clique and thought I would share.  Check this out I just joined NickMom Cluque!

So what is NickMom Clique?

NickMom Clique is an online community that you can earn points for exclusive offers and prizes.   It’s easy; Share, Win, Repeat!

How do I get in?

  • Join NickMom Clique
  • Joining is simple, input your information.  Be sure to link your social media accounts you’ll earn points for that.
  • Check your email for all your official content.
  • Share it!  The more you take the time to share, the better chances you’re going to have to earn awesome points!
  • Once you earn points you’re in!  Enjoy exclusive offers and prizes!

Sounds pretty easy right?  It is, I have been checking it out and there’s some pretty fun videos, content, etc to share.  Remember the more you have fun, and engage the better chances you have in winning prizes!

So what can you win? 

There’s different prizes that you’re able to win weekly.  Each week, everyone who that’s earned at least 50 points in entered into the weekly prize drawing.  There’s also a Grand Prize!  If you earn 1,500 points by October 1, 2012 you’ll be entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize!

Okay, so you probably want to know what the grand prize is!  If you earn 1,500 points by October you’ll be entered for a chance to win $1,000 shopping spree.

So how do you earn points?

Earning points is actually very easy.  There’s eight different ways you’re able to earn points as a member of MomsNick Clique  Here’s how you earn points:

  1. Join – 50 Points
  2. Add a Networks – 75 Points
  3. Recruit Friends – 100 Points
  4. Tweet – 30 Points
  5. Comments 20 Points
  6. Likes 15 Points
  7. Retweets – 15 Points
  8. Links Clicked 15 points

See, I told you!  Pretty easy to earn points as well, so it shouldn’t be too hard to earn your 1,500 points by October if you’re an active member. about

What do I think NickMom Clique?

I just joined and already have 525 points on the board.  I earned my 50 points for signing up, I tweets, shared on Facebook and the rest are from people clicking links and joining.  If you don’t want to join now, that’s okay if its’ totally awesome I am sure you’ll hear about it!  I know I will be writing more about it for you if I think its amazing!

If you join now you’ll be in the running for some awesome stuff, head over and check it out!

Sign up with NickMom

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