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A new kind of Gift Card ~ Happy Card at Kroger ~ #PickUpHappy

by Erik

So, I have a secret. Ok, maybe it’s not so secret because I may have told one or two people about it. Or maybe I have tweeted about it. Or written about it. You never know. But I guess it won’t be much of a secret if I write about it again. So never mind. I’m going to stop now. Nothing to see here, move along.

Just kidding. Here’s the secret. I love to shop using gift cards. And there is a reason, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Ok, now that a bit has passed, I’ll tell you why. I buy all my gift cards at Kroger. Now I don’t buy Kroger gift cards at Kroger, because that would be silly. But I buy other store gift cards at Kroger. Why? FUEL POINTS! That’s right, I love my Kroger fuel points. So, if I know I’m going to go shopping at a particular store, I hop on in to Kroger to grab a gift card for that store. That gets me double fuel points, plus I have a built-in spending limit at the store of my choice.

I don’t buy Kroger gift cards at Kroger because you don’t get fuel points. That’s why it would be silly. But for every other store I love it. There is a downside however. That downside is carrying around a ton of gift cards. I would love it if I could get one generic gift card to use anywhere. Well, I could, but you don’t get fuel points for buying those either. Plus, they tend to have fees to use them. I don’t like fees. So, I’m stuck with carrying around a stack of gift cards.

happy card

Until now. Now I am happy. Why am I happy you may ask? Because of the Happy Card. The Happy card is a reloadable gift card that I can get FUEL POINTS for. How does that work without violating the “sacred law of preventing double-dipping” (that means getting fuel points for buying Kroger gift cards and then spending that gift card at Kroger and getting fuel points for that purchase. It doesn’t work. That’s why no fuel points for Kroger or generic gift cards)? The Happy Card is not exactly universal. But it’s also not specific. The Happy Bites card for instance, is valid at several established restaurants like Burger King or Panera. The Happy Eats card on the other hand is good at Cracker Barrel, Buffalo Wild Wings and Dave & Busters to name a few. And if you need something just a little fancier, perhaps for date night, there is the Happy Dining card, good at Cheesecake Factory (mmmmm, cheesecake), Red Lobster or Bravo (to name a few).

happy card

So, if you are a gift card lover like me you should head over to Kroger and pick up a Happy card. They make a great gift for someone who might be hard to shop for or maybe just for yourself. And you get Fuel points. It’s a win-win.

So check out Happycards.com for more information or visit your local Kroger for terms and details.

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Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Tatu Digital Media and the writer has been compensated. But all opinions are my own.

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