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Need Of Healthy Social Relations

by Jenn

Since the beginning of human race God saw that it was not fit for Adam to be alone. He saw that man will not be fully happy on his own and that he has a need of healthy social relations thus He gave him a partner. This was said to be the first marriage ceremony but more than that, their union flourished into Eve becoming Adam’s wife, friend, companion, helper, supporter, fan and so much more. Then Adam became complete.

The mighty Creator has designed us to have the need for other people. We often hear the song “No man is an island, no man stands alone…” People on the top of their career without close friends and families repeatedly verbalize their emotions by disclosing that it sad to be alone on top. However, if we are having relationship conflicts at home and at work or school where do we need to start repairing?

Social relations nurtures us

Every one of us belongs to a family and this is the most important healthy social relations we should be nurturing. There should be a bond between each one that is close-knit enough that will cause every family member to be more happy at home than anywhere else. Most youth find their happiness with gadgets and friends for it is with them that they could express themselves. Parents often feel exhausted thinking of ways on how to pay the mortgage, loans and credit card. Most of the time unappreciated, their days are being occupied with second job or overtime work just to increase the inflow of finances. So both parties tired and disappointed, meets at the dinner table clashing with sword-like tongues. The following day everyone goes back to their usual routine but this time bearing the grudge and burden of the previous days eventually affecting their workplace, school and relationship with other people.

Communication is Basic

The most significant basic solution to this is open communication. However, there is a twist to this remedy that should be applied-the exchange of ideas should be done outside the house, in restaurant or a fast food store. The reason for this is to release all the emotions bottled up without the shouting and commotion thus being able to resolve the problem without too much fighting. Since everybody is involved, then each one should be able to contribute and stay committed to their part of the solution.

Family comes first

We must also remember that this is your family, the people who will stick by you wherever and whatever situation may arise. Thus if there are people to whom we should show our best character with, it should be with them.  If we are patient and kind to our friends, then we should be more patient and kind to our family. If we are generous and considerate with others, then more should be shown to our parents or siblings for these are the people who will be with us through tears and suffering.

The idea of having the need of healthy social relations should start first with each family relationship. Then every other relationship will eventually be nourished. It will certainly need to change your mindset and improve your lifestyle. It might be extra effort but it sure will be worth it.


Amanda Greene-Lebeck February 16, 2013 - 9:45 pm
Very heartfelt and insightful. Makes a person think about things, THANK YOU!!!
lisa March 13, 2013 - 5:26 pm
Communication is important along with trust and respect.

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