Nail Cones Review

by Heather


Like most women I want to look my absolute best, at least most of the time, and I do what I can to accomplish that goal. I should probably add some clarification to that statement. I don’t get all gussied up to go to work because nobody sees me. I don’t add pantyhose and heels when I go grocery shopping on weekends and I don’t get all dolled up to head to the soccer fields on the weekend. I dress for the occasion. Hmmm, maybe we should start this all over again.

Anytime I attend a social or business function or on the rare occasion when I have a date night with my husband I attempt to look my best. I straighten my hair, wear make-up, dress nice, accessorize; you name it and I’m willing to do it. Well, almost anything. I’m really not a fan of painting my fingernails. I’ll paint my toenails but my fingernails … they are such a pain in the butt. That sounds really silly, right? One would think that painting nails would be simple. Yeah, not for me, not at all! Let me explain.

I’m a righty and pretty much incapable of doing anything with my left hand other than type. Anytime I paint my fingernails I start by painting all the nails on my left hand and everything looks beautiful. Once my left hand dries I move on to painting the nails on my right hand, with my left hand, and well … not so pretty. It ends up looking like one of two things happened. I either painted my nails blindfolded OR I turned my 4-year-old loose with the nail polish and told her to have fun. Not pretty. Speaking of 4-year-olds, have you ever tried to get a little girl to sit still while you paint her nails? Yeah, most the time the polish is everywhere but on her fingers.

So, as you can see, it really is a pain in the butt for me to paint my nails. Normally this is the step that I avoid until the last minute and then “unfortunately” run out of time and I’m unable to complete the task. My poor nails, always neglected, always naked. Don’t fret though, they, much like my husband, will be surprised this weekend when I pull out my new secret weapon … Nail Cones!


Nail Cones are stickers that are cut out to form around the nail and protect the skin when polish is applied. The cones are easy to apply and remove and result in a perfect polish every time! They are AWESOME!

Admittedly, it took me awhile to get the cones in place since my left hand is rather useless but once in place they worked wonders. I was able to apply polish and look like an adult when all was said and done. I removed the polish because I want to surprise my husband this weekend when we go out Saturday for a much needed and long awaited date night! My little one was sitting next to me when I was mastering my Nail Cones technique and of course she too wanted her nails painted so I slide the Nail Cones in place and she too has perfectly polished little fingernails.

I LOVE this product! Each sheet of Nail Cones comes with 15 cones that range in 1 of 3 sizes. They are quick to slide into place and easy to remove once one’s nails are painted and beautiful. I highly recommend this product to anyone that, like me, has a difficult time painting their own nails due to their hand’s inability/lack of desire to cooperate as well as those with little girls that love to have their nails painted but aren’t big fans of sitting still.

To learn more about NAIL CONES or purchase some of your own click HERE.


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lisa June 26, 2014 - 10:51 am
What a good idea. I'm always cleaning polish off my cuticles. I need these! Price?
Heather Pfingsten June 26, 2014 - 9:18 pm
They are fantastic. About $6 .... worth every penny!

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