Monster High: The Complete First Season

by Heather

I remember when Monster High first came out, my sister was a HUGE fan. Admittedly, I enjoyed the characters and storyline and loved that something like this was coming out for the kids that loved everything creepy, strange and a bit Halloween-y. I sat and watched the Generation 1 characters with her for hours on end and remember with gleeful nostalgia the joy that I experienced listening to her love for the characters.

Fast forward many, MANY years… my daughter got in touch with the Generation 2 Monster High characters. I couldn’t get over my daughter’s love for the cast, their bold colors, fun antics, and the messages conveyed in each episode. You pick up on a lot more when you are a parent and you are paying attention to the ultimate message in each episode of a carton. Acceptance, being your unique self, diversity, love …. I was pleased when I learned that she loved the characters as much as my little sister did when these characters first arrived on the screen.

Now that the Generation 3 Monster High has come out, I have mixed emotions on the show but I can tell you, my littles enjoyed the show with enthusiasm, love and sincerity. As a parent, I love the diversity of the new players and cast. Though, I’m sure my children (age 1 and 3) are paying attention to any of this. There is more diversity in the cast and the stories still speak of being yourself and celebrating your unique self but I’m not as big of a fan in how the message is delivered. Due to rules and regulations, the of the characters have changed. This isn’t something that bothers my younger children; however, my oldest daughter and I kinda have icks about this. I guess it is hard to get over what you are used to and grew to love.

Overall, for anyone that is just coming into the franchise, Monster High: The Complete First Season, will absolutely love the characters and storyline. It does hold true to the Monster High traditions and family. Anyone from the “old school” version of Monster High may be a bit taken aback. Give it a watch and let us know your opinion!


Join the fun at Monster High with a spook-tacular transformation in the exciting new DVD Monster High: The Complete First Season! Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein, and more of your favorite characters are back with a fresh and fang-tastic makeover! Join the ghouls as they have their first picture day at Monster High, discover hidden chambers within the school, have an epic food fight where food comes to life, reverse curses, and so much more while learning to embrace their inner monsters! Monster High: The Complete First Season will be available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, for the suggested retail price of $12.99.Monster High: The Complete First Season episodes:
  • The Monstering
  • Food Fight / Unfinished Brain-ness
  • Case of the Moondays / Portrait of a Monster
  • Witch Hitch / Part of the Pack
  • That Thing You Deuce / Werewolf Weekend
  • Paw-zzle Pieces
  • Nightmare Nightmore
  • Out of Step / Pyramid Scheme
  • What’s Up, Watzie? / So Familiar
  • Crushed / Over Bro-tective
  • Horoscare / Flaunt Your Skeleton
  • Creepover Party / Creature Clash
  • Monster Movie / Earworm
  • Spell The Beans
  • Growing Ghoulia / Casketball Jinx
  • Cleo in the Kitchen / Case of the Missing Squeak
  • Pet Problems / License to Rock
  • Power Heist
  • Monster Midterms
  • Furrmergency / Boogey Nightmare
  • Best Fiends / Scareer Day
  • Stone Alone / Horsin’ Around
  • Moonlit Fieldtrip / A Little Boost
  • Fresh Waters Run Deep / Sew Fierce
  • Witchful Thinking / Monster Match
  • The Monster Way
Monster High: The Complete First Season synopsis:Teenager Clawdeen Wolf never felt like she fit in – until her instincts led her to Monster High, where she discovered that she’s a werewolf and a human, and now feels at home in both worlds. Along with Draculaura (a vampire who wants to forge her own path as a witch), Frankie (a Frankenstein monster who is figuring out how their pieces fit together), Deuce (the son of Medusa, who’s rebelling by being nice), and a school full of modern monster characters, Clawdeen is going to sink her fangs into high school hijinks and teenage troubles that will have everyone howling. Monster High: The Complete First Season fast facts:Street Date: February 13, 2024Catalog: 191329260357 (US)Audio: Dolby Digital English 5.1, Dolby Digital French 2.0, Dolby Digital Spanish 2.0US Rating: PGCN Rating: PGUS M.S.R.P.: $12.99
Disclaimer: Pink Ninja Blog received a complimentary copy of Monster High: The Complete First Season to assist us with this review. Regardless, 100% of this post is our opinion. 

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