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Monetize Your Blog With INFOstable Affiliate Program

by Jenn

Are you looking for an awesome affiliate program, that offers your readers something they will enjoy?  INFOstable has worked well for me on many of my blogs.  They offer my readers sweepstakes that are not junky ads, they make it easy to monetize your blog or webiste.

INFOstable really stands apart from other affiliate programs because of the type of ads they have.  They offer your readers a chance to win awesome sweepstakes such as;

  • iPad Sweepstakes
  • Mothers Day Sweepstakes
  • Fathers Day Sweepstakes
  • Baby Sweepstakes
  • And many, many more

I honestly am not huge on affiliate programs, while there are some good ones out there so many are not beneficial for my readers.  So many affiliate programs you have to search for days to find something to offer your readers, I love the simplicity of INFOstable.  I try to place myself in my readers spot, “is this something I would take advantage of or would it turn me away.”  I have truly enjoyed this affiliate program.

 INFOstable offers an easy to use and understand website as well as emails when a new campaign starts.  The people at INFOstable are wonderful to work with, and always respond to questions or concerns right away.

INFOstable’s ads are an awesome way to reward your readers and monetize your blog.  Let’s face it running a blog isn’t free and it requires a lot of work, more work than it is really worth.  You blog because you enjoy it and if anything deserve for you blog to pay for itself.  There’s nothing wrong if you decide to monetize your blog, if you do it tastefully and responsibly, keeping your readers in mind.

It’s easy to lose readership if you monetize your blog with spam ads and ads that have nothing to do with your blogs niche.  Sweepstakes and giveaways can be a great way to reward your readers, be sure their not junk.  If you monetize your blog tastefully your readers wont mind, they might event enjoy the change of pace, who doesn’t want to win an iPad.

If you’re looking for an awesome way to reward your readers and monetize your blog, I recommend INFOstable. 

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