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Moms Blog Wire | Bloggers Sign Up For Product Reviews via Email

by Jenn

Bloggers, be sure to check out Mom Blog Wire!  I just signed up and wanted to share it with everyone!  So what the heck is Mom Blog Wire?  As bloggers most of us love product reviews, its awesome to receive a product for free and tell you readers what you think about the product!  Sometimes you are even lucky enough to host a giveaway, right!

Enough with the question, I will tell you a little more and you can make the decision to sign up or not.

Do you love doing product reviews and hosting giveaways?  If you do than you might be interested in this website called Moms Blog Wire.  Do you have the problem of wondering where you can find product reviews?  Its hard sometimes, unless you have been doing it long enough to have an ongoing list of contacts!  Face it, blogging is work and finding product reviews, well that’s even more work and more time consuming. There’s a few sites out there that help bloggers find product reviews, the more you sign up with the better variety you will have and chance in being picked.

At Moms Blog Wire companies will put together a pitch and send out to the bloggers, this way the product reviews will come to us rather than us having to chance them down.  Sounds awesome, right?!?!  I think it does, like I said I have not seen any results from this yet, but I think it sounds great!  However, I did receive my first email asking about reviewing something, I went ahead and replied to the email so we shall see what happens!

Like I said it’s totally up to you to join or not, but I think it would be good to get your foot in the door now so you can have a chance to have some great opportunities coming your way.  If you wish to hold off until you know more, that’s fine too!  If its totally awesome I will be sure to share with you after I have been able to get a few reviews.

If you want to take advantage of Moms Blog Wire you can sign up to receive their updates via email. If you are interested in joining, you can visit Mom Blog Wire.

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