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by Jenn

There’s money to be made in online advertising.  It seems many advertisers have turned to internet, rather than traditional adverting methods.  It’ no wonder, when you think about it.  Advertising on TV isn’t nearly as effective has it once was.  We now have the choice to skip commercials and advertisements when watching television.  How many of you still watch commercials?

Everyone is online now-a-days.  All over the world, online marketing is the way to go.  What’s better than online marketing, I can tell you one thing that’s better than online advertising.  Advertising online with bloggers.  As a blogger you’ve probably spent countless hours building your blogs niche, following, stats, as a blogger your probably pay attention to the magic numbers.  It’s no wonder brands would want bloggers to advertise their product.  It’s not only coming from a real person, but it’s a real person that has readers that have grown to trust them and their opinions.  It’s no wonder that advertisers want to work with bloggers. 

Have you been wondering how to get advertisers to visit your blog?  What can you do to make a little extra money blogging? There’s several things you can do to help make your blog more appealing to advertisers.  Why not spend a little time setting your blogs up for advertisers?  If you’re blogging, it’s likely your spending hours up hours working for free.  There’s no reason you shouldn’t be making a little extra money doing so.  I’ve come up with a few ways to help set you blog up to be more attractive to advertisers.

Clean it Up

Grab a dust pan, trash bag, and some bleach.  Let’s scrub your blogs theme.  Have you looked at your blog recently?  What’s the theme look like, if it’s a messy theme with buttons, links, tabs, just put where they will work?  Your theme and blogs appearance is the single most important think you can fix if you want advertisers to visit your blog and stay a bit.  There’s plenty of free blog themes out there.  You should be able to find a nice free blog theme.  Changing your theme will not only make your blog look more attractive, but motivate you to clean up your sidebars, and anything else that is needed.

Let Advertisers Know You’re Looking

I’m sure you see them all over other bloggers pages, there’s even a few here.  Have a “Your Ad Here” or “Advertise with Us” banner/button on your blog or website.  It’s important to let advertisers know you’re interested in working them.  You can make it an image like the one here, or set up a an advertise with me page.  Let them know you’re looking, and open to working with them.

Don’t Forget Your Niche

It’s hard to say, “NO” when someone approaches you with money for writing outside your blogs niche, but it’s important to stick with it.  You don’t want your blog to look messy, or like you sign up for anything that comes your way.

Your Blogs Your Business

If you’re ready to make money blogging than it’s important to clean up your blog.  Clean it up, and present it as if its your business. Take pride in your blog, its your businesses.   From a business owner, running a blog is hard work.  You should be prideful that you’re a blog owner.  There’s serious bucks to be made in online advertising.

Show Off A Little

You have stats, show them off.  Let advertisers know they will be advertising with a PR 3.  Include things such as your Alexa ranking, RC, unique visitors and total number of impressions.

Know Your Readers

Do you know your readers?  Okay, not know them as in have lunch with them.  Do you know where the majority of them live, how many are females, what age are they, what percent of your readers are married?  You can get all this info right from you Google Analytics..

Allow Your Readers and Advertisers to Learn About You

It’s important to have an “About Me” section on your blog.  It’s not just your readers that want to know more about you, but advertisers too.  Your “About Me” section should tell everyone who you are, and about your site.  It doesn’t have to be a full-page, there’s nothing wrong with short and sweet as long as you’re able to get your point across.

Be a Professional

If you’re blogging for money, you’re a professional.  It’s important you’re blog looks professional.  No, you don’t have to change your content, well unless you’re swearing, and beating on brands, in that case you might want to seriously consider your writing style .

PhotobucketWe all start blogging for different reasons, maybe you don’t care about earning money blogging or selling advertisement space on your blog.  Totally fine, it’s up to you what you do with your blog in the long run.  These are tips that have worked well for me.  Most of you know I have 4 blogs, which I run totally different.  However, if you’re trying to attract advertisers cleaning up your blog is the most important part, if you looking to make them stay.   If you want advertisers to help you monetize you blog, take a long look at your blog, and ask yourself; “If I was an advertiser what would I think about my blogs appearance.”

Do you have a tip or trick to help someone make their blog more attractive to advertisers?  Leave me a comment below, there’s no better way for us to learn than from each other.

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