How To Make The School Run Easy and Quick

by Heather

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The school run is a hectic and scary time of the day. You ask yourself: are you going to make it in time? Have you forgotten the lunch box? Where’s the dog gone? You are not alone. Most parents go through extreme stress each morning before and during the school run. With these tips, hopefully, you will find that the school run becomes quicker and easier.

Although it might be easier said than done, try and do as much as you can in advance

If you have time, it might make your life a whole lot easier if you start preparing for the school day the night before. You might find it helpful to prepare your child’s lunches in advance. This should not only include making the lunch, but packing it up too. If you store it in the fridge overnight, it will keep it nice and fresh. You also might find it easier in the morning if you set the table and lay out the breakfast the night before. Another thing you should do in advance is pack your child’s bag for school and leave his or her shoes in a visible location. You could try laying out your clothes and your children’s clothes for the day ahead. Make sure your child has a tidy room so when you lay their clothing out on the bed they will not get lost and your little one can get ready quickly.  If you drive to school, it is a good idea to fill your car up with gas the night before. This will avoid any unexpected delays on route.

Make sure your child goes to bed on time

If your child gets a decent night’s sleep, they are more likely to wake up on time. They are also more likely to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day to start. This will help move the process of getting ready along nicely and will save you precious time. It is important to note that you should also get a good night’s sleep. If you are tired in the morning, you might forget something important, and it might slow you down considerably.

Get your child their own form of transport

A common problem on the school run is that children tend to dawdle and get distracted on route. If this applies to you, you might find it useful to get your child a bike, an electric razor scooter, or a set of trainers with wheels. They will not only love this new toy, but they will be roaming along the road ahead of you, and ahead of schedule! Certainly, this only applies to those that live close to their school and do not ride a bus or get dropped off by car.

Set your alarm!

Avoid the disaster of sleeping in and remember to set your alarm. Most alarms allow you to set your alarm for the same time, every day so that you don’t have to remember to do it before going to sleep. It may also be a good idea to get an alarm for your child’s room too.

Emergency kit

Prepare a kit that will help you out in an unexpected event. The kit only needs to be small so that it can fit in your handbag or under the car seat. The kit should include items like bandages, water, a hairbrush and some money.

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