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by Jenn

Looking for ways to earn money blogging or where find sponsored posts? Have you heard of PayPerPost?  PayPerPost launched in 2006 and is an online marketplace that connects advertisers and bloggers.  Advertisers pay bloggers to write blog posts about their products, services, and websites.

Signing up with PayPerPost is easy and doesn’t take long.  Once you have signed into your new account you will be taken to the form where you can add your blog(s).  Something to remember is that you may only earn money blogging if you own a blog.  PayPerPost will not allow you to add a website, must be a blog.

When you are setting up your blog you are asked to input your price per post, link etc, don’t set it too high or you may not receive any offers.  There is actually a tool that helps you figure out how much your price should be based off your blogs information, ranking,etc and add as many blogs as you want.

How Does PayPerPost Work?

Bloggers can make money blogging by accepting opportunities from advertisers and you are also given the choice to decline or negotiate with the advertiser.  If you are interested in the advertisers opportunity let them know by responding to leads.  This is where you choose to accept the opportunity, decline or negotiate the price offered.

You cannot view all the advertisers information.  To earn money blogging with PayPerPost you need to wait and be matched with offers.  So how are opportunities segmented?  You are matched by advertiser requirements, locations, price, ratings and your categories.  One thing to remember is that you can update your blog category as much as you like, like many bloggers you may have a blog that falls into several categories.  If you are not getting offers you may try to change them up a bit.

How Do I Get Paid? 

Funds are released to bloggers account 30 days after the post has been published.  PayPerPost pays via PayPal after the bloggers account reaches $50 the funds can be withdrawn.  Cashing out your funds is simple, under your account you have a finance tap where you simply enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

What Do I Think?

I think PayPerPost does an awesome job connecting bloggers and businesses!  PayPerPost give bloggers an awesome opportunity to make money blogging while choosing content that fits their blogs niche.  They also introduce businesses to bloggers that help promote their product, service or website.  Bloggers if you are looking for an awesome enviroment to make money blogging, PayPerPost is a great site.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you want to sign up with PayPerPost you can visit PayPerPost Online!

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