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Make Money Blogging With Posts Genius

by Jenn

If you’re a Blogger and want to make money blogging, you might consider using Post Genius connects Bloggers and Advertisers that are looking to build  buzz about their website.  Advertisers are looking to increase traffic, their search engine ranking and promote their brand.

Who’s better to do that than a blogger?  Bloggers promote Advertisers by publishing quality sponsored articles and reviews.

Let’s face it the more a Blogger talks about a website the better the buzz the Advertiser will receive.  Bloggers provide better search engine ranking by providing permanent text links to the Advertisers site.  Bloggers are also known to provide quality, honest reviews that’s extremely valuable to Advertisers.

Blog readers develop a relationship with a blogger and their blog.  They grow to trust the bloggers opinions, if the blogger always provides them with an honest review or article.  Bloggers have a lot of pull online and can earn money by helping Advertisers.  It’s “word of mouth” on the world-wide web.

Bloggers if you’re looking to make money blogging, by writing honest reviews on products, services or websites.  Posts Genius allows bloggers to choose what Advertisers they work with and make money blogging.

Let’s face it if you’re serious about blogging, you’ll need to make money somewhere.  There’s bills to pay, you’ll need money to keep your blog going. Writing sponsored posts is an awesome way for a blogger to make money blogging.  If you want to keep your readers it’s important that you only accept sponsored reviews and sponsored posts that follow your blogs niche.  Always be honest, never write because you’re getting paid, if it doesn’t work don’t do it.  The money isn’t worth loosing readers, so be cautious when accepting sponsored reviews and posts.

How it works.

Advertisers select blogs that they would like to work with.  Selected bloggers are notified and either accept or deny the opportunity.  Once you accept an opportunity you’ll write articles, post and reviews depending on the Advertisers needs.  Once you’ve posted your content the Advertiser must approve your work before you’re paid.  Once your work is approved your payment is approved.

How much money can I make blogging with Post Genius?

You can make anywhere from $5 – $1000 per published post using Post Genius.  Just like any program that offers sponsored posts or reviews if you’re looking to make money blogging the better quality of your blog the more money advertisers are willing to pay for you posts or reviews.

How is blogger rating calculated?

If you’re trying to make money blogging your blogs rating is always important.  Good ratings are the main reason an advertiser chooses your blog.  Your rating shows how you comply with the Advertisers request.  You’ll want to be careful and make sure you only receive positive ratings.  All articles posted can be rating positive or negative.  Be sure if you accept an offer its posted before your deadline.

If you want to maximize the amount of money you make with your blog you’ll want to make sure you post quality content and be sure it’s published by your due date.  Just like any job you’ll want to make sure your customer is happy with the product or service you provided.

How do you get paid?

Once your account reaches $50 you’ll be paid online using Moneybookers.  There’s no fees using this service.

Post Genius is a wonderful way to make money blogging.  Just remember to follow you’re blogs niche and always write only 100% honest reviews and articles so you don’t lose any readership.  It’s easier to pick up another sponsored post than it is to find readers if your blogs writing simply for the money and it shows in your work. Let’s face it if you’re serious about blogging, it’s hard work you deserve to make money blogging.  Just monetize your blog wisely.  Monetize your blog wisely.

How do I sign up?

If your interested in signing up for your free account you can visit Posts Genius Online.

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