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by Jenn

Blogging is hard work, there’s nothing wrong with earning money for all the hard work and hours you put into your blog(s).  One think you will always need to keep in mind is your readers.  Don’t loose track of what’s important for one blog post worth $100.  However, it’s always rewarding to make money blogging.  Bloggers often spend countless hours blogging, doing what they love unpaid.

It’s simply not worth it, before you accept money for blogging, think of your readers.  Is it something that will bring value to your blog?  Is your post going to be one that your readers will engage in?  It’s not worth loosing readership, just to make a little extra money.  Keep your blog and your readers in mind when you monetize.  It’s okay to make money blogging, just keep blogging for the right reasons.

Post Genius helps bloggers make money blogging, and businesses gain the traffic or buzz they’ve been looking for.  Advertisers visit Post Genius to hire bloggers to announce their products, services, websites, etc.  They are also looking to buy reviews, build buzz, links and traffic to their website.

Bloggers can earn money blogging with Post Genius by writing 100% honest posts and reviews on their blog.  Bloggers will have the choice on which advertisers they work with, by visiting the online marketplace.

If you’re not familiar with Post Genius, stick around and I’ll share.

How Post Genius Works for Bloggers:

First you need to set up a FREE account with Post Genius and add your blog(s).  Once your blog is approved you will be asked to insert a verification sentence into your blog.  It’s easy, only takes a few seconds and there is instruction on how to do it when you’re verifying your blog.  You can remove the verification sentence once your blog is verified.

Advertisers will add their campaign to Post Genius and select the blogs they would like to work with.  Bloggers will be notified and asked to confirm or deny campaign.  If blogger chooses to accept they will complete the task for the business.  Businesses may as for reviews on their website, posts, buzz, and reviews posted on the bloggers website.

Once the blogger as completed the task they will be asked to provide the URLs of the posts completed for the advertiser.  The advertiser will approve or provide remarks about the post.   Once blog post is approved your account will be credited.

Post Genius provides you with request that fit your blog and you have the final decision on which topic you write about.  When you complete a post on Post Genius it’s important to complete the post in a timely manner.  You’ll receive points for posts that are published on time, and receive positive scores.  Which means more jobs, more advertisers and more money for you.

We all want to know about payment, as bloggers we work hard and don’t get paid enough.  I love what I do, but I am 100 sure I put in more hours than I am paid for.  It’s okay, but I always want to know about payment before I sign up.

Post Genius will pay you once your account reaches $50.  Once you’ve reached $50 you can request payment by visiting the clients area, under My Account.  Payments are sent with MoneyBookers on the first and third week in the month.

How much can you make with Post Genius?  Just like with any other websites that help bloggers make money blogging; it depends on many different things.  According to Post Genius you can earn $3 to $1000 in one single post.

I know a few bloggers that highly recommend Post Genius, because it’s a great way to monetize your blog.  I personally signed up with Post Genius a few months ago, but just recently added my blogs.  Once I get up and running, I will be sure and share more information with you.  The way I look at is, “It’s free, why not give it a try.  I can always deny the tasks and not use the account.

It’s nice because unlike some other websites, I can add all my blogs to Post Genius.  That’s been a plus, it’s never fun when you need to have multiple accounts for each blog, or not be able to register all your blogs.

Post Genius helps connect Bloggers with Businesses, SEOs, and other Advertisers that are looking to build permanent links.  If you’re a blogger looking to monetize your blog, you can sign up for a FREE account with Post Genius.

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Amy Peschel October 18, 2012 - 1:28 am
I did not know they are the first to have a patented light inside!
Mary Mudd November 8, 2012 - 9:57 pm
They make designer handbags, purses, evening bags and totes. They all have lights in them,custom charms and theyre made out of high quality materials. The woman who came up with the idea is a photographer. Theyre really nice, as they should be, for that price lol But, Id LOVE to have one!!

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