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Make Money Blogging | Sponsored Reviews

by Jenn

Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with SponsoredReviews.com

Make money blogging with SponsoredReviews.

Ok so you have a blog, are you ready to make money blogging? There are numerous ways to make money blogging, SponsoredReviews is one of them.

SponosoredReviews is an advertising program that brings bloggers and advertisers together. Bloggers write sponsored posts on advertisers products, services or websites.  Advertisers offer to pay bloggers to write reviews about their product or service.  Bloggers can accept or decline offers.

How does it work?

First, bloggers create a profile for your blog(s). Advertisers can offer you sponsored posts, which you have an option to accept or decline. Once a blogger accepts to write a sponsored posts they are allowed 7 days to complete the task. Once the post is complted, make sure to update it on your profile, by entering the URL to the post. Bloggers post is reviewed to make sure it meets guidelines, once it’s approved your account is credited.

How does SponsoredReviews pay?

SponsoredReviews pays every 2 weeks via PayPal. Bloggers will be paid outstanding balance is in their account.

How much can I make?

How much money you make depends on how many jobs you complete, and the agreed upon price. There are jobs that pay as little as $3 and as much as $500. It depends on how many sponsored posts are written, jobs completed, and price agreed upon.

What do I think about SponsoredReviews?

SponsoredReviews offer bloggers and adversities a unique way to meet and help one other out. I like that bloggers don’t have to sit around and wait for advertisers to contact them, they are able to bid on jobs as well. If you’re looking to make money blogging, you may want to check out SponsoredReviews.

I have been signed up with SponsoredReviews for a few months now, and have not had any problems.  SponsoredReviews is an awesome opportunity to make money blogging. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newer blogger or have been blogging for years, there is something for everyone’s, price, niche and style.  If you’re looking to monetize your blog, SponsoredReviews is worth checking out.

If you’re blogger looking to make money blogging check out Sponsored Reviews.

Advertisers sign up to Buy Reviews.

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