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Make Money Blogging with Blogsvertise

by Jenn

Blog Advertising RevenueBlogsvertise is an online environment where advertisers and bloggers meet.  Most bloggers want to make money blogging, to help pay for upkeep on their blog.  Not only do most bloggers want to make money blogging to help with upkeep, but for hours spend blogging.  Blogging is hard work, there is a lot of time put into a blog and bloggers should make extra money for their efforts.

Blogsvertise offers bloggers and advertisers a chance to meet and work together.  Advertisers are looking for bloggers to help promote their website, services or product.  They want publicity and exposure and pay bloggers for their assistance in helping them reach their goals.  With Blogsvertise bloggers are able to make money blogging in a variety of ways it just depends what advertisers are looking for.

If you’re an advertiser, Blogsvertise can be beneficial to you as well.  When you have bloggers promoting your business and providing links to your website, you’re helping your business by improving search engine rankings and generating more traffic.

How does Blogsvertise Work?

Blogsvertise has an easy to use system and its free to register your blog(s).  After you have registered your blog it’s submitted for approval, once approved you’re open for business.  Blogsvertise’s administrator assigns writing tasks to bloggers, with instructions of what the advertiser would like completed.  You’re not required to accept task, you have the ability to decline task you don’t feel is appropriate for you blogs niche.

How much can I make?

This is always a golden question, and like many other answers it depends on your blogs stats, how many blogs you register, and how many tasks you complete.  Blogsvertise’s current payout rate for new blogs is $4 – $25 per paid post.  However, they can pay you more based on quality of blogs and past performance with Blogsvertise.  Payouts are done case by cases basis.  However after you’ve completed 5 tasks you’re able to request a payout increase.

How does Blogsvertise pay?

Blogsvertise pays bloggers via PayPal.  You will be paid for completed tasks after 30 days of your assigned task being marked approved.

What do I think about Blogsvertise?

I have signed up with Blogsvertise and their system is easy to use and employees of Blogsvertise are very easy to work with.  The offers that I have received have been quality offers such as, reviewing a website or talking about a service offered by a business.

If an assigned task doesn’t meet my blogs niche, or something I feel my readers will not benefit from I can decline and move on.  I feel that they offer a wide variety of tasks, and do a wonderful job assigning them, and are easy to communicate with.

My experience with Blogsvertise has been positive and yes they do pay bloggers.  Like I mentioned earlier, I have not completed a whole lot of task but every single sponsored post I did, I received payment when promised.  Bloggers, if you’re looking for ways to make money blogging Blogsvertise might be an option to help you monetize your blog. 

How do I sign up with Blogsvertise?

Signing up is easy, input your information and your blogs informtion and submit for approval.  Once your blog(s) are approved you will be assigned taks and be ready to make money blogging by sponsored posts, reviews, etc.  Visit them online and learn more about Blogsvertise

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