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Social Spark | Make Money Blogging by Writing Sponsored Posts

by Jenn

Set Your Price. Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!

Are you looking to make money blogging?  Have you heard about SocialSpark?  SocialSpark offers bloggers a change to monetize their blogs with sponsored posts.

Social Spark is owned by IZEA and actually has several programs for bloggers to make money blogging such as SocialSpark, WeReward and SponsoredTweets. If you would like to read about WeReward and SponsoredTweets I will have a link to their pages at the end of this post.

SocialSpark connects advertisers with social media users (publishers). SocialSpark helps publishers monetize their blogs and social media accounts. If you are a blogger and want to make money blogging or monetize your blog SocialSpark is a program you definitely will want to sign up for.

How does it work?

First you will need to complete a SocialSpark profile and link your blog(s) to your profile. You will then need to authorize Google Analytics, this helps them know more about your blog so they can provide you with ways to monetize your blog.

SocialSpark with send you offers and leads from an advertiser. The offer is called an opportunity and you will view the details and decide if you would like the accept the task or not. You also have the option to negotiate the terms with the advertiser.

Once you accept the offer you write your post. This is where it can get confusing, the post is not placed on your blog. You write it on your SocialSpark profile, submit it and once the advertiser accepts your post you will receive an email letting you know it was accepted and when to expect it to be published. You don’t have to publish it again, SocialSpark publishes it on your blog via direct publishing.

How do you get paid? You will receive points posted to your account 30 days after you post has been published. The points can be converted into cash that is paid via PayPal.

SocialSpark does expect that you have quality content in order for them to approve your blog. They actually read your posts to make sure they are original and well thought out. FYI, they will not accept your blog if it is full of spelling and grammar errors, quotes, etc. So make sure your post are original and there are plenty of them. Content is key in the blogosphere.

SocialSpark expects you to have your blog up to date and be an active blogger. Make sure you are posting something regularly, if there is a gab they will decline your blog. They also look at your blogs layout, to make sure it is visually appealing and not filled with sponsored posts, advertising, etc.

What I think about SocialSpark!

I love SocialSpark they have quality advertisers asking to complete quality posts. Their system is clean and easy to use, simple to find your way around in and if you ever need to contact them, they get right back to you. I have had nothing but positive experiences with SocialSpark. So I say if you are a blogger looking to earn money blogging, monetize your blog with SocialSpark.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in signing up, its easy. To sign up just visit SocialSpark Online.

  • Sign up with SocialSpark Online
  • Sign up with SponsoredTweets 
  • Sign up WeReward


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