Liztek JSS-100 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker Review #ShowerSpeaker

by Heather


Singing in the Shower. Who doesn’t love to sing in the shower? Me. I can’t sing. At all. So I don’t like to sing in the shower. The daughter loves to sing in the shower. And the living room. And the kitchen. And the bedroom. And the study. And the basement. She’s her own radio station. Me? I prefer to listen to a radio station, not be one. So when I’m in the shower I want to listen to some tunes. One problem. I’m not one of the elite super rich that can afford a whole house sound system that can pipe all my righteous tunage into the bathroom while I’m taking a shower. Sorry, I was channeling a little Bill and Ted there. But every time I take my phone in the shower I have to take it to the store to get it replaced, apparently it’s not water proof. Who knew? So after the second time the store said no more phones for you. So the point is that I need an affordable solution to listen to music in the shower.

Enter the Liztek Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker. Finally, a solution for us poor folk that need music in the shower and are not capable of generating it from our vocal cords! It comes in multiple colors and a suction cup to stick on the side of the shower. It pairs with my phone so all the music I already have; I can now listen to when I am in the shower. Weird Al Yankovic library here I come!


  • High definition Bluetooth 3.0 audio wireless connectivity with seamless streaming and 6 hours of playtime.
    Universal compatibility with Android and iPhone tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3, MP4 and other Bluetooth enabled digital players.
  • Easy access to Handfree Talking / Volume up / Volume down / fast forward (skip) / Backward / Pause / Play / Power buttons.
  • Water resistant loud speaker and built-in mic for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Don’t let the water stop you from enjoying your favorite music, great companion for beach, poolside, on boat, shower room, bathtub, or kitchen.



Disclosure: Free product was received to facilitate this review in conjunction with Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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lindamanns December 23, 2014 - 4:40 pm
I really like this. I would love one for our shower. My grandkids would love singing in the shower. Thank you for sharing

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