Jord Wood Watches – The Perfect Holiday Gift

by Erik

Christmas is almost upon us. And you know what comes before Christmas? Black Friday.

Almost a year and a half ago I received one of the awesomest watches to add to my small watch collection. This year I get to pass it on for Christmas. And the great part is that so do you. JORD Wood Watches has a great deal for our readers. But first a little about the watch.

So, what is a Jord Wood Watch? It is literally a watch made of wood. The watch mechanics and face are obviously not wood (you wouldn’t be able to see through wood), but the watch case and band are made from a variety of woods of your choice. Last year I received the Ebony and Copper Dover Series watch. This year I get to give the Walnut and Jet Black Conway watch.

wood watch

As I’ve said before, these are easily the most elegant, cool watches I have ever seen. Unlike watches with metal or leather bands, each wood watch is unique. The fine grain and detail in each watch is evident right from the onset when you first open the box. They have a handy sizing guide so you can make sure it will fit right out of the box. I don’t know about you, but I hate having to take a new watch to a store to have it resized before I can even wear it.

wood watch

Now to the deal. Right now, Jord is offering a $100 credit to one of our lucky readers. Just go here to enter. You can also use code “pinkninjablog” to get 25% off any watch. So, if you are looking for an incredible deal on a great Christmas gift this year, head on over to Jord Wood Watches. Enter to win the $100 credit, use the promo code to get a great deal, and get someone you love a great gift this year.

Disclaimer: The reviewer has received the product at a reduced price or for free, nevertheless, all opinions expressed are our own. And that opinion is that these are some seriously cool watches.
Wood Watches by JORD

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