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Join Blurb’s Affiliate Program and Earn $100

by Jenn

Bloggers and website owners, you’re not going to want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity!  Do you currently monetize your blog with Blub’s affiliate program?  NO????  Head over there and get signed up!  Okay, I know what do they sell and how is it good for you and your blog or website!  Check this out!

Blurb is an awesome website that provides their members to make their own books, calendars, enjoy their photo center, awesome prices blankand so much more!  If you love photos, or anyone that reads your website enjoys photos, and making something meaningful and awesome, they’re going to love Blurb.  This is actually a website I already use, I used Blurb before I signed up to be an affiliate, I love Blurb and know that others will too!

Now why will you rock this affiliate program!  Right now if you invite blogging or website owning friends to join Blurbs affiliate program the whole month of August, you can earn $100 for every person that signs up for their affiliate program!  WHAT, yes that is true, they have to sign up and be accepted into the affiliate program!  See I am telling you, awesome product and an awesome way to monetize your blog or website, and it’s totally worth telling your friends about!

blankBlurb’s affiliate program is awesome, you are not only telling people about a fabulous product, website and company, they also have awesome promotions like this often.  The last one that I took part in was a blog post for $20, and you still earn a percentage of anything sold from your website or blog!  It’s nice to have an affiliate program like Blurb.  So don’t just join because of this promotion, join because it’s an awesome program that you want to test drive!

Don’t waste any time, hurry and join Blurb’s affiliate program!  The sooner you submit your information the sooner you can be approved and tell your friends, promoting and awesome product and EARNING! Sounds pretty awesome, hurry and Join Now!

Tell me more about Blurb’s wonderful affiliate program:

  • First you have to sign up and become an approved affiliate, which is easy and doesn’t take long.
  • Invite all your website-owning and blogging buddies to join Blurb’s affiliate program!
  • Make sure you use your affiliate coded link, you should receive this after your account is approved.
  • When you refer all your website-owners and blogging buddies to Blurb and they are approved into Blurb’s affiliate program, you will earn $100, which will be credited to your affiliate account!

Want to join Blurb’s affiliate program, but don’t know where?

Join now and EARN $100 for every person that is accepted into Blurbs affiliate program!   Head over and Join Nowblank

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sasha August 5, 2012 - 4:19 pm

I signed up thanks so much I use blurb too had no ideathey had an affiliate

Jenn August 7, 2012 - 11:25 pm

Sasha, thanks I think you will really love this fabulous program! They have wonderful perks for both us and customers, I am a customer as well have been for a while. I was surprised to find out they had a affiliate program… I love them and hope you do as well!


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