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Items To Build A Toolbox Around

by Heather

No matter your gender or social responsibilities – if you own a home you need to take care of it. We all want to live in a safe and comfortable home and it’s up to us to do our best to ensure that happens.

There are plenty of ways we can pay to pass the buck and it’s easier than ever thanks to the internet and the move away from physical work in our livelihoods – but still, we could all do a little bit more to learn how to maintain our homes. Fear itself can put us off of dealing with issues and that too often goes hand in hand with home maintenance. We’re scared to pick up the tools and go for it!

However, if picking up the tools, DIY and home maintenance doesn’t seem like something that is your thing – don’t worry. It’s easy to learn and hard to master and you can start off by gathering the tools needed to maintain your home.

You might not be able to splurge and buy all the tools you need straight away and that’s ok! However don’t wait for problems to come about before you solve them. Waiting around for issues is a problem. Inspect your house to identify issues and then acquire the tools needed to fix those issues.

A basic set of tools? A hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches and a stepladder can help you tackle a number of issues. Not only that, but they are seriously handy to have on hand. You also need to invest in quality. Buying a cheap hammer could mean that the head flies off! You should always aim to buy the best available tool to save you both time and money.

Some heavy duty tools are worth renting – things like pressure washers and carpet steamers are only going to be used twice or so a year – so save money and rent them instead of building your toolkit around them.

Some smaller items to get? Pipe heat tracing allows your pipes to regulate their heat and contain themselves no matter the weather outside. Drain snakes can allow you to unclog drains. Super glues and putty allow you to fix household issues in an instant in a safe and effective manner.

Finally – it’s a good idea to include measuring items, levels and extension cords in your toolbox. You need measuring items to ensure you are accurately repairing household items. Levels will also ensure that you are accurate when putting up fixtures. Extension cords will ensure that your power tools can access electricity from your home no matter where the work is taking place.


Plenty of issues can affect the home and of course there is a tool for every single job. Having a decent toolbox? It can help you solve issues before they turn into serious problems. It can also save you a bit of money as well! Of course, if something is far too difficult for you – consult a professional as soon as you can!




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April Monty (@MontyApril) March 27, 2017 - 6:53 pm

This is really a great article,my guy would love it.

lisa March 28, 2017 - 5:08 pm

Our mudroom is like one large tool box. We don’t have a garage, so the tools are back there.

AnnaZed March 31, 2017 - 10:13 pm

I’m glad that you wrote this. So many women have no idea and really it’s not that complicated.


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