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Influenster – Opinions, Product Reviews, Free Products, and MORE

by Jenn

If you’re a blogger you probably love product reviews.  They’re so much fun, you get a FREE product, try it out, and share your opinion with your readers, family and friends.  There’s nothing more fun than being one of the first of your friends to try something.  Since I’ve started blogging, I have turned into somewhat of the go to person.  I guess you could call it that, lol.  The girls at work are always asking me if I have tried something, what I thought about it, what good ideas for gifts are, etc.  It’s fun, I love it and I love that I am able to help them come up with ideas, and share my opinion.

When I first started reviewing products I never would have thought things would happen so fast.  I’ve been blogging since Feb. 2012 on Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog.  Yes, that’s where it all started, lol.  I love what I do!   One of my favorite part of blogging is product reviews.  I love sharing my opinion about new awesome products.  Many of you know, I’ve recently taken on blogging full-time.  Yes, finally told my job to kick rocks, I am going to take a chance and do what I love.  Yes, it’s a huge change, but it makes me happy, and allows 2012-08-06_11-58-01_828, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android Appme to spend time with my family.

Since I started blogging I have been with one network that I still use for reviews, they really send out wonderful products.  There are lots of websites that I used when I first started blogging, most I don’t use anymore.  I might go back and check them out, just to see what they’re offering, but rarely do I use them.  It’s been a blast reviewing products for Influenster.  Have you heard of them?  Many of you probably have, but if you haven’t YOU’RE MISSING OUT!  THEY ARE AMAZING, LOVE THEM!

So what is Influenster?  How do I sign up?  Whats all the Buzz about?  It’s easy, signing up is simple.

  1. Join Influenster
  2. Add all your information.
  3. Have fun.

Influenster is a free community of awesome trendsetter who love to provide their honest opinions on products and experiences.  It creates links between brands and members to reward members for being so influencing.

When you join you’ll be asked to influence people by gaining Expert Badges, and show how you live, by earning LifeStage Badges.  You can earn these by:

  • Completing Surveys
  • Writing Reviews
  • Videos
  • Using Social Media

As a member you’ll also receive exclusive discounts on products and services based on the Expert Badges you unlock.  It’s an awesome way to do what you love and earn awesome rewards.

Don’t forget about the FREE STUFF!  Free stuff is awesome, everyone loves getting something for free.  The awesome part about Influenster is that nobody is guaranteed rewards, not even if they have the highest score.  If you’re offered a rewards, you have the choice to opt out, or proceed with the review.

I’ve personally used Influenster for almost a year now, and they’ve always provided great opportunities and a wonderful network.  It’s even more exciting with their new improved website.  If you’re not part of it, there’s hasn’t been a better time!  Everything is new and fresh and we’re waiting on you to join us!

If you’re someone who loves sharing their opinion, trying new products, freebies, awesome deals, earning badges, writing reviews, video blogging, or JUST HAVING FUN you’re going to enjoy Influenster.

Why?  They send out boxes of products, awesome products that is.  You’ll also be able to earn badges.  The more you do, the more you earn, the more you earn, the more you get!  It’s really a fun website….  I’ve had a lot of fun reviewing products with Influenster, and would love to have you join me.  So if you love reviewing products and sharing the buzz, you’re going to love this website.

If you enjoy product reviews and earning badges, and having fun head over and join Influenster.

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Scott M October 14, 2012 - 1:59 pm

ty for this Jen

Jenn October 14, 2012 - 5:32 pm

Anytime so glad I could help! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for stopping by, I am going to start to write about a place to earn money, get reviews, etc often so be on the lookout there’s some good places out there for the bloggy people of the world..

Shauna Lynn October 14, 2012 - 10:35 pm

Thanks so much. As a NEW blogger I can’t wait to join and absorb knowledge 🙂 Thanks so much!!

Jenn October 15, 2012 - 2:00 am

thanks, you’re going to love them… they are great and don’t care if you’re new or old they just want you to review and spread the word on and off blog i love them


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