Important Things A Loving Husband Should Know About A Pregnant Woman

by Heather

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Pregnancy can change a woman in many different ways. It not only will change her body but it will change her too. A pregnant woman wants her husband to be supportive and to know certain things.

Important Things A Loving Husband Should Know About A Pregnant Woman

  • It is normal for a woman to eat often while pregnant; eating is essential for sex drive. One must be aware of how important food is at this time; however, many fail to realize that time is often of the essence. If a woman says that she is hungry while pregnant that generally means she needs to eat sooner rather than later. During my pregnancy, if I did not eat every three to four hours, I would start feeling sick. Try to assist your wife in getting what she would like to eat as quickly as possible. If you are unable to do so, this may result in an unwanted spat due to hormonal changes, mood swings, and her simply not feeling well. It is best to be on your toes and remain patient during the duration of the pregnancy.
  • Many women experience cravings while pregnant. It is not abnormal for the cravings to change and there will be no rhyme or reason to the pattern of such cravings. A growing baby and sometimes eating an increased amount of food (sorry ladies, we all know it is true) will result in weight gain. It is important to never point out or mention anything about this weight gain as it is a natural result of pregnancy; women are supposed to gain weight while pregnant. Remember that carrying and having a baby is a very beautiful thing. It is important to support your wife and to make her feel loved and desired despite and because of the changes to her body.
  • Pregnancy is also a time when you can experience many cute and adorable moments that will create memories for a lifetime. Your wife may tend to become forgetful; we often refer to this as baby brain. For example, her glasses may be right by her side and yet you may find her searching for them. Please keep in mind that there may be less desirable moments when she may become cranky and irritated; these are very common emotions during pregnancy due to ever changing hormones.
  • Unfortunately, during pregnancy there often comes a time when your wife will no longer desire sex and you may find this frustrating. The first three months of the pregnancy is when a great deal of changes are occurring and often your wife will be feeling at her worst. It is important that you empathize with her and that you are supportive of any mood swings, morning sickness, or hormonal changes that may occur. During the second trimester there is normally a one to two week window when her sex drive will increase or return so be sure to enjoy that time! It is not abnormal for women not to be in the “mood” during the third trimester. Again, remember to be supportive as this is a temporary state, your wife will not be pregnant forever. Please note that some women report an increased sex drive while pregnant; every pregnancy is different.
  • While your wife is pregnant, there may come a point in time when you will find it necessary to sleep on the couch. This may be because of the number of pillows that she is using as a night time companion. As our body grows and changes we find it rather difficult to become comfortable and remain comfortable while lying down; a body pillow or three can work wonders! There will likely also be an increase in breast size. Make note, this change is not an open invitation for touching as breasts are often tender during pregnancy. Another common “side effect” of pregnancy is that your wife will have a natural “glow.” It will be absolutely beautiful and even strangers will notice it.
  • Pregnant women are carrying a new life inside of them and their bodies will change and grow throughout the pregnancy. Be warned that this can and often will make your wife very tired. Try not to complain on nights when you find her asleep on the couch. If you become frustrated with your wife being tired, not wanting to have sex, or her experiencing mood swings just keep in mind that she will not be pregnant forever. Also try to understand that she is frustrated by these changes and experiences as well.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that your wife is carrying your child and she will be giving you the biggest and best gift of your life. Our advise is to be patient and enjoy the journey together. Congratulations on your new baby!

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Michele Ash June 11, 2015 - 12:32 am
WOW! Thanks for the Wonderful Review on Important Things A Loving Husband Should Know About A Pregnant Woman! All of what you said is definitely true! I was lucky that I had no morning sickness with any of my pregnancies! I did gain weight with each one though. I remember with my first daughter, I craved Olives so bad! I have no idea why. My daughter loves olives and says it's all my fault because I ate a lot of them when I was pregnant with her! LOL I know that I was pregnant when it was cold outside and I remember being so hot and cooking Christmas Cookies with the window open and it was snowing outside! Hubby was like "it's freezing in here" I was still hot! LOL It sure is a wild ride when your pregnant! Thanks for sharing your wonderful review and your personal and professional opinions on Important Things A Loving Husband Should Know About A Pregnant Woman with all of us! You know that I always appreciate your Reviews! Thanks again! Michele :)
Heather Pfingsten June 11, 2015 - 12:39 am
LOL I love it! I talk to my husband about things that went on when we were pregnant with my daughter and he barely remembers. I think it is a time that we hold on to so closely and cherish. I am hoping to be blessed with one more. I can't wait to make more memories. Thank you for sharing yours!

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