How To Really Make Chicken Delicious

by Heather

If you are keen to try and make some amazing chicken meals, there are a few things you will need to bear in mind. The truth is that chicken is one of those foods which you can use in a thousand different ways, and that is part of the reason that so many people enjoy it so much. But not only is it versatile, it’s also genuinely delicious, as long as you treat it right and you know what you’re doing with it.

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In this post, we’ll take you through some of the tips that will help you to make chicken genuinely delicious, every time you cook with it. You will find all of the following to be extremely helpful towards that end, so let’s take a look now at what you might want to bear in mind here.

Choose High-Welfare Chicken

It’s not just your imagination – eating a chicken that has been well looked after really is a better experience than eating one which has been factory or battery farmed. You Need to make sure that you are going for a high-welfare chicken every time, not only for the obvious reasons that it is better for the chicken and for the planet, but because it really does make for a much more delicious meat. And when you’re starting out with a more delicious meat in the first place, you’ll find that the end result is going to be alot better as well, even without making any other changes.

So go to your local butcher rather than the supermarket, and make sure that you are opting for those where you can trace the chicken to its source. Those are the kinds of chickens you want to be eating, if possible. It is a little more money, but if you can afford it then it is definitely worth it.

Get To Know Each Part

Each part of the chicken has its own qualities, tastes and ways of cooking, and you need to make sure that you are getting to know each part as well as you can if you want to create truly delicious and amazing chicken meals. The more fully you understand how each part works and in what kinds of dishes, the better. For instance, you may first want to start out by learning about chicken wings, because there are some super easy chicken wing recipes which are absolutely delicious, and are therefore really good to start with.

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From there, you can learn about how to properly pan-fry breast, and eventually you might even want to roast an entire chicken. All of this can take practice, and each part has its own life to it, so you need to make sure that you are aware of it. This is good practice and it’s a great way to make sure that your chicken really is delicious.

Get The Cooking Times Right

This is the part that most novices struggle with for a while, but it is actually relatively simple as long as you follow some basic rules. The first and most important thing to say is that it’s not really about following a particular set time – it’s about making sure that the chicken is cooked properly, which means that you are paying attention to what it looks and feels like. You are looking for the juices to run clear when prodded, and the moment that they do, you want to stop cooking and start resting the chicken, regardless of what kind of chicken it is and what you’re doing to it.

A good way to cook any meat is with the help of a meat thermometer, which will tell you exactly what temperature the inside is. Then it’s just a case of bringing the food off the heat at the opportune moment.

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Rest It

The testing process is hugely important if you want to make sure that you’re cooking chicken as well as possible. During resting, the proteins bind together, and the juices get absorbed into the meat itself rather than getting lost straight away when you get into it. This means that you ultimately end up with much more delicious chicken, and before you know it you are going to find that your chicken meals are so much better in general. So resting is a really simple way to improve your dishes – and all it takes is around five to ten minutes after the meat has been cooked. And you will have chicken that everyone loves to eat.

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Lauryn R June 22, 2023 - 3:05 pm
This is very good chicken advice, thank you so much for sharing! I am one of those that is not a big fan of chicken, so it has to be REALLY flavorful and seasoned heavily.
Debbie P June 22, 2023 - 9:14 pm
I'm always looking for new tips and hacks. Thanks.
Patrick Cadette June 25, 2023 - 11:45 pm
Terri Quick June 22, 2023 - 11:14 pm
Thank you for sharing this
gloria patterson July 8, 2023 - 4:45 pm
Lot of good information here................... It is just me and I only like the breast and eat it several times a week.

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