How To Encourage Your Kids To Go Outside And Get Active

by Jenn

One, Two, Three It’s Time To Get Your Kids To Go Outside for Some Fun!How To Encourage Your Kids To Go Outside And Get ActiveKids today love to sit inside and play video games or watch TV, but it’s important that they get outside the house and get some physical activity. There are many different ways that you can encourage your kids to go outside and be active

Alternatives to Organized Sports

Not every child enjoys playing organized team sports. Let your child try several different sports to see if any of them are a good fit for the child. If your child is not having fun and is dreading going to practices and games, let them try a different sport to see if they like it better. If team sports don’t seem like a good fit for your child, try other activities such as golfing, swimming, dancing or bicycling. The most important thing is that your child stays active.  

Join Your Child

It is always more fun to exercise or do sports with a partner. Try to think of things that your family can do together. Go outside and throw a baseball back and forth. Take the family to play a game of mini golf. Take a bike ride together or even go to the park and play on the playground equipment.  This is a great way to get your kids to go outside and play.

Use the Buddy System

Your child always has more fun when they are hanging out with their friend’s. Have your child invite a friend along when you go for a bike ride or go to play mini golf. If your child invites over a few friends, they can even play an impromptu game of kickball or softball.

Schedule Regular Exercise Time

If you establish regular exercise time, your kids are less likely to skip their exercise sessions. Make it a habit to always go on a bike ride on Saturday mornings or go on a walk every Tuesday and Thursday night.

Let your Child Choose the Activity

Your child may be more likely to exercise if they have a say in choosing the activity for the week. Your family will be exposed to many different ways to exercise. You may find yourself at the trampoline park one week and the park the next. But as long as your family is active, it doesn’t matter where you end up.  This is another fabulous way to get your kids to go outside and play.

Make your Backyard Exercise Friendly

Make it easy for your kids to be active. Make your backyard exercise friendly. Put up a volleyball net if you have the room. Have some balls available for your kids to throw around. Have some comfortable outdoor furniture available for when they want to take a break. If you have the room, you can put up a trampoline or even a swimming pool and don’t forget to add some luxury patio furniture to your backyard.

What are some ways you encourage your kids to go outside and get active?

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Becky Schollian May 6, 2013 - 5:46 pm
Once again great reading!! My g'son loves his t.v. We have to struggle sometimes to get him outside. My daughter has a set routine for him to assure he will get out more. I was just reading to let the child select his weekly outdoor event. We will definitely be trying this vs his every day routine. I'll keep you posted!!
ANN*H September 12, 2013 - 11:03 pm
I agree kids and adults need to get more exercise. Kids need to be out playing instead of watching TV or playing video games. Its more fun when others are with them .Good blog.

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