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How to Drive Traffic With StumbleUpon

by Jenn

Wondering what makes StumbleUpon such a great website, why so many bloggers suggest it?  It’s a great place to find recipes, funny videos, anything that your interested in you’ll be able to find it on StumbleUpon.  Every time a user hits the “Stumble” button they will be able to view a new posts, video, or photo that’s in their interested in. 

Have you ever used StumbleUpon?  If you haven’t began to “Stumble”, I suggest you try it for yourself.  You’ll be able to choose from dozens of categories that you’re interested in.  Any topic your heart desires you’ll find on StumbleUpon. 

How to Drive Traffic To Your Blog with StumbleUpon?

Stand out from the rest. Creat a new, unique, creative, visually appealing blog post.  Let’s face it, if you have something that’s visually appealing it’s the first thing people see, which increases chances of them stopping to read your post. 

Get involved in the Stumbling Community!  If you wish to receive you must give, be sure to get involved and Stumble others material.  Be sure to take advantage of the StumbleUpon’s toolbar, rate content that pops up.  This will increase your chances of people following you, and when people follow you they automatically receive everything you’ve submitted. 

You don’t want to be known as a self-promoter, or a spammer.  So be sure to always Stumble other content. 

Only use one StumbleUpon account.  If you have several blogs, don’t set up a different profile for each blog, you only need one.  Besides the fact that having more than one StumbleUpon account is against their Terms of Service.

Use the StumbleUpon URL shortener tool.  If you use the shortener tool, it’ll be easier to submit content to StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter.  You’ll also be able to schedule when your submission occur.

Why I use StumbleUpon!

I use StumbleUpon because it increases traffic to my blog, it’s become on of the biggest traffic-drivers.   When one person Stumbles your page, it is shown to tons of users across the web, which really increases your chances of someone seeing and reading your post. 

It honestly took me a while to jump on the “Stumbling” game, but now that I am on the results I see are absolutely amazing!  StumbleUpon, can do better than Facebook and Twitter combined.  If you’re not Stumbling yet, head over to StumbleUpon.com and sign up!

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