Hosting the Ultimate Baby Shower for Your BFF: From Clueless to Pro!

by Heather

If you are at that age when it feels like every friend is starting a family and getting pregnant, it can be a bit overwhelming when it’s your turn to plan a baby shower. We are talking about hosting the ULTIMATE baby shower. Say that your BFF is about to welcome a tiny human into this world, and you’ve got the honor of throwing the baby shower. But… gulp… you’ve never done this before, and kiddos aren’t exactly your forte. No worries! Stick with me, and we’ll transform you into the host with the most. And just so we’re on the same page, dads are totally part of this party. Because seriously, it’s 2023, and the “moms only” idea? Oh-so-yesterday!

So here we go ….



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Old School? No, thank you! Let’s Think Fresh! 

Alright, first things first. Let’s ditch the outdated idea that baby showers are all about moms and all things pink or blue. Bring in everyone—dads, uncles, aunts, and even that quirky neighbor! Why? Because babies are universal joy-bringers, and everyone should get a piece of the cake (pun intended).

Theme It Up: But Make It Personal

Themes, oh, how I love thee! But instead of the tried and tested ones, let’s dig deeper. If your bestie loves traveling, how about “Baby’s World Tour”? Or for the nerdy parents, a “Hogwarts New Arrival” could be a blast. Making it personal means it’s more than just a party—it’s a memory.

Dads Deserve the Spotlight Too!

Historically, baby showers have been all about the mamas. But hey, let’s jazz things up! Let’s introduce a ‘Dad Zone.’ Picture this: Dads competing in a “who can assemble the baby crib faster” contest. Or a pacifier-throwing challenge. Not only is it fun, but it’s also the perfect ice-breaker.

Invitations? Digital is the New Cool

Sure, printed cards are cute, but in this age, why not send e-invites or create a fab Facebook event? It’s eco-friendly, trendy, and, honestly, way easier to manage. Plus, animated baby gifs, anyone?

Games Night (or Day) – Up the Fun Quotient! 

Okay, hold up! Let’s talk games. We’re not just sticking to the typical “How big is the baby bump.” Nah, we’re leveling up!

  • Baby Karaoke: Think about belting out to some Ariana Grande but with the word “baby” sneaked in. It’s hilarious, and oh boy, the performances can be gram-worthy!
  • Blast from the Past: Picture a giant board with baby photos of all the guests. Put on your detective hats and guess who’s who. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like gushing over cute baby pics?
  • Diaper Dares: Think of it as Truth or Dare but with a twist. Each diaper has a fun dare or question inside. “Sing a lullaby” or “Share the naughtiest thing you did as a kid.” Brace yourselves for some epic revelations!

Gift Registry: Because No One Needs Ten Baby Monitors

Let’s chat gift registry for a sec. If your bestie has one set up, it’s like a map to a treasure chest. It says exactly what they need! Share that link everywhere—on the invite, on the event page, even via a group text. It saves you from that awkward moment when three people gift the exact same baby blanket.

Munchies & Sips – Making Gourmet the New Normal

Alright, foodies, gather around! We’re about to make this baby shower a culinary delight. How about setting up themed food stations?

  • “Mommy Cravings” Corner: Think pickles, ice cream, spicy tacos. Everything and anything a preggo mama might crave.
  • “Dad’s Delights”: BBQ sliders, sushi rolls, or even mini beer (and root beer) floats.
  • Drink Up: No stale lemonades here! Get imaginative with your mocktails. Add fun names like “Baby Bliss Blue Lagoon” or the “Papa-to-be Punch.” And always, ALWAYS, keep a chocolate fountain running because, well, who doesn’t love chocolate?

DIY Corner: Unleashing the Inner Picasso

Okay, artsy folks, this one’s for you. A DIY corner is not just a game; and it’s an experience. Those plain onesies and bibs? They’re blank canvases. Get fabric paints, glitter, stencils, the whole shebang! And guess what? Years later, when the baby dons that hand-painted bib, it’ll be a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Real Talk Time: Dive Deep & Connect

In between all the giggles and games, let’s keep it real. Create a comfy, cozy corner adorned with fairy lights and cushions. This is where magic happens. Let seasoned parents share their whirlwind experiences. The sleepless nights, the first steps, the epic diaper fails. It’s heartwarming, reassuring, and sometimes downright hilarious.

Snap, Click, Cherish: Memory Lane Starts Here

Alright, Insta-enthusiasts, listen up! Memories are made in moments, and what better way to cherish them than through photos? Go all out!

  • Prop it Up: Feather boas, funny glasses, baby bonnets – the quirkier, the better.
  • Backdrop Bonanza: Create a backdrop that aligns with your theme. It could be a world map for “Baby’s World Tour” or even a Hogwarts castle for our little wizards.
  • DIY Photo Album: Leave out a scrapbook and pens. Let guests stick their pictures and scribble messages. It’s a keepsake the parents will cherish forever.
hosting the ultimate baby shower

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Bonus Banter: A Little Lifesaver Tip For You!

Hold on a sec before you zoom off into party planning mode! Ever found yourself wondering what should (or shouldn’t) make the cut for that gift registry? Breathe easy! Dive into our “Baby Registry Checklist: The Complete Guide For Expecting Parents.” Believe me, it’s the holy grail! Covering all the essentials and even those “wow, I wouldn’t have thought of that!” items, this guide’s got your back. Share it with your guests, and you’ll be ensuring no more random gifts – just the goodies the parents-to-be truly need. Talk about being the hero of the hour! With this secret weapon in your toolkit, you’re poised to rock that baby shower! Go show ’em your magic touch! 

Remember, this party is all about making the parents-to-be feel wrapped in warmth and excitement for their new chapter. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never changed a diaper or can’t differentiate between baby essentials; it’s the heart and soul you pour into this event that will leave a mark. 

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