3 Home Renovation Tips Without Breaking the Bank

by Heather
home renovation

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The idea of a home renovation can be appealing to many. It’s very easy to understand the impulse – retrofitting rooms to your actual desired utility, renovating the space to look beautiful, or perhaps shifting the entire purpose of a space, like crafting an open plan kitchen, dining room and living space for the most comfort possible – it all counts.

You’ll hear nothing incisive against choosing that route in this post. If you feel it’s best, that’s a great way to invest in your home and design the home to your standards.

That being said, renovations are often quite expensive. If you have the means and the desire to invest that, then that’s wonderful. Not everyone may feel that this is the right time, however. It can feel a little frustrating to desire a renovation but not having the funds to do so. 


That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few small home upgrades in the meantime, however. In this post, we’ll discuss a few alternatives that can help you save money now and potentially profit in the future:

A Coat Of Paint & New Trimmings

You’d be amazed how a new coat of paint can revivify a home exterior, but we don’t want to offer the same cliché of just painting the front door. For instance, repainting your hanging baskets from your windows, painting your garage door, and your window trimmings, or even repainting a garden arch can allow for some much-needed color and vibrance. You may even add new trimmings such as wooden window fixtures to add a more rustic appeal. You could even implement neat shutters which serve the purpose of a more curated property exterior while also protecting you from harsh storms.


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Window Cleaning & Refreshing Lighting

Window cleaning not only looks good and can help remove the dirt and grime that naturally appears on windows, but will let a great deal of new lighting into your property. If you haven’t had your windows professionally cleaned since you moved in, you may see your property in an entirely new light. In addition to that, you could implement new lighting like garden lanterns that light the path and illuminate an almost fairytale-like quality to the exterior you’re trying to enjoy.

Improving Safety & Robust Features

It’s also nice to consider how safety and robust investment can allow for a nicer home to live in. You might implement safety gates to make keeping your toddler safer. Adding mirrors to your winding driveway can prevent guests from taking corners too quickly without knowing what may be around your hedge. As far as that goes, implementing privacy fencing can add more autonomy to your garden – no longer do you have to worry about being spied on while sunbathing! Of course, investing in fixing certain issues can help the property feel new, like reinstalling a brand-new and robust stair banister.

With this advice, you’re sure to limit spending on the new renovation, but can still help your home feel brand new to live in at the same time. This can be great for your general mood and satisfaction while living there.

What are your top tips for home renovation without overspending? One more quick tip, when shopping, try to plan out your renovations based on sales. Different items go on sale throughout the year and that may be the best time to make an upgrade to your home. Even down to paint, early on during the summer a number of home improvement stores put paint on sale. At the end of the day, do your best to save a dime and don’t waste your money. 

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