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by Heather


Fresh out of college I was recruited into a job with the federal government. Talk about surreal! How many 20 something year olds are actually recruited by the government? I was floating on air the day that I went into training and then I started reading all of the policies and rules. Everything seemed reasonable and then I got to a section about cellphones. All that I kept thinking was … What? You want me to keep my cellphone where?

Like many, my cell phone is normally within reach or at least within eyesight. I have always had easy access to it, have been able to make calls as needed, check text messages as needed, etc… What in the world was I going to do for eight plus hours a day without my cell phone?!?! As I settled into my job the rules became more relaxed and as the years passed, even more relaxed. My job involves talking on the phone nearly non-stop day after day. Even though there were relaxed rules about my cell phone being within reach there were still certain rules that remained intact and others that were added to the list. A phone job in a small room with a number of other people performing the same function means cell phones must remain on silent at all times (no ringing and no vibrating). This can make it rather difficult to know when one is receiving a call or text message; especially with the types of phones that we use today. Still, I made it work.

That all changed when I became a mommy and the desire to have my cellphone within inches became a “need”. Do you have any idea how difficult it can be to position an android? I talk on the phone and type at the same time which means I wear a headset, my fingers are constantly busy, and I am looking at a computer screen. In turn, what that means is it is rather difficult for me to actually see what is going on with my cellphone unless it is within my line of sight. Have you ever tried to use a Solo cup as a phone holder? I have. Have you ever propped your cell phone up against your computer monitor only to find that you have to move it every five minutes because it is covering icons up that you know are there but you are not able to see? I tried sitting with my cell phone on my lap and randomly glancing down to see if I was missing anything but that sometimes broke my train of thought. I can’t even begin to describe the number of contraptions I have created over the years and they all lacked.

Enter the Helping Hand. This is a device made to hold your phone or tablet securely on a desk, kitchen counter, car, boat, etc… without moving or breaking anything. The Helping Hand is made from heavy duty ABS plastic and is accompanied by a sticky pad. The sticky pad is provided in an effort to help create videos by turning the Helping Hand on its side and sticking the phone to the sticky pad.

For me, I position the Helping Hand between my keyboard and monitor, place my phone on top, and I am able to see when the screen lights up. This allows a busy mommy to breathe a bit easier while working knowing that her daughter (the nanny) is able to get ahold of her if needed. The Helping Hand is sturdy, convenient, and as the product promises … truly a helping hand.

If you are looking for the perfect product to hold your cellphone or tablet, simply reach out for a Helping Hand! ;)


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