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HEALTH ~ Treating Pulmonary Embolism with Innohep

by Heather


Pulmonary embolism is almost always developed as a complication after deep vein thrombosis. A blood clot, which was separated from deep vein, enters the bloodstream and through circulation, it passes through the heart finally ending in the lungs. If that problematic piece of clot is big enough, it can remain within a lung artery partially preventing blood from flowing. The heart will be deprived of oxygen, which was previously transferred together with blood. This will disable the heart from functioning properly. Given the importance of the organ, it can easily lead to disastrous complications. However, if you buy Innohep online, you can control this issue.

Symptoms depend on the size and position of embolus within the lungs. Keeping in mind that both heart and other tissues are not getting fresh oxygen, the patient will always have trouble breathing. Additional symptoms are dizziness as well as chest pain. The patient may start coughing up blood. Severe forms of this disease can cause the entire system to collapse, resulting in premature death.

Pulmonary embolism is not common but it can lead to various problems. It is more common for women than for men. People who are recovering in bed after undergoing surgery are the riskiest group. Severe pulmonary embolism (when at least half of your blood is prevented from entering lungs) is the most common form of the illness. Deep vein thrombosis, together with pulmonary embolism, amount in 5 % of deaths in the world, often as a result of certain diseases such as cancer.


In most cases, people who are a high risk of developing deep vein thrombosis are the riskiest group for developing embolism at the same time. Drugstore professionals suggest that you contact your doctor immediately if you experience any symptoms/characteristic for either one of these conditions. Your doctor will check your lungs and heart with a stethoscope and if there is a reasonable doubt, he will send you to have an x-ray as well as EKG in order to determine whether the heart, especially the right side, is overburdened.

Innohep is one of the best treatments for this illness. This medicine is used for various types of blood clots. It is especially beneficial for patients who are about to undergo surgery. Medicine is administered in a doctor’s office through an injection. However, there are certain people who are unable to use this drug. People, who are above 70, individuals who have a bleeding disorder, have had brain surgery, hemophilia, high blood pressure, bacterial infection of the heart, shouldn’t use this medicine. In some cases, Innohep can cause irritation due to the needle. This may manifest in injection spot bruising, swelling or pain.


Keep in mind that one out of three people will die from pulmonary embolism. But, patients who are able to survive the first few days of the disease have a higher chance of fully recovering. These odds are even better if the doctor is able to discover the cause for embolus and perform necessary measures in order to prevent any future issues. Less severe types of this disease can damage lungs, but it is possible for the patient to fully recover if future clotting is prevented.

Do you know anyone who has suffered from pulmonary embolism?

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Linda Manns Linneman December 9, 2015 - 8:59 am

I am a nurse and have seen this happen to alot of people. I really enjoyed this article and all the useful information. Thank you so much for sharing

Jennifer Heintz December 9, 2015 - 12:28 pm

A friend was hospitalized and had deep vein thrombosis and fully recovered. There can be severe complications.

lisa December 9, 2015 - 12:30 pm

That’s really frightening. I did enjoy the article. It’s nice to read and learn something.

Margot C December 10, 2015 - 4:35 pm

This is a very serious matter and and very serious condition, I’m absolutely stunned that you would suggest that people diagnose and buy from a Canadian Pharmacy; that is a terrible idea.

Heather Pfingsten December 10, 2015 - 7:56 pm

I’m not suggesting anything about the diagnosis. People go to their physician or a hospital to be diagnosed; not a pharmacy. As for medication, I’ve bought medication from other states and even had a doctor suggest that I purchase from outside the boarders due to the cost of a medication.


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