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by Jenn

Can you believe it? Christmas is less than a week away, it’s sneaking up on us faster than I expected. Does everyone have their last-minute Christmas shopping Kozzi-santa-claus-reading-1687 X 2251done? I know I sure don’t, but I am heading out to brave the stores tonight. I will not be in the stores on Christmas Eve, it happened to me last year.
There’s one thing you’re not going to find at the store this year, it’s something that will matter to your children more than us as adults understand. This year get Santa call your child for free. Do you remember being a child, staying up late just hoping and wishing you could just catch a glimpse of the famous Santa Clause?

As children, we used to write Santa letters, and not my children write him letters. Santa is magical to a child, don’t you think they would freak if they received a free call from Santa. They can, and it’s really free! I asked Santa to call my daughters, and he told her that she’s had a little trouble listening this year, but he knew that she could really step it up and work on this.
The look on her Face is a look I will never forget. There’s magic behind those eyes, Santa called her lol. If you’re looking for Santa to pick up the phone and give your little ones a call head over the DialMyCalls website, they have it set up so asking Santa to call your kid is easy, and free! You can do all of it right from your computer! Pretty awesome, isn’t it!

DialMyCalls started their Santa call mission early this holiday season, which means Santa is just waiting to call your children. The personalized Santa calls started on December 1, 2012, and parents can easily sign up for their free account with DialMyCalls. It seriously takes about 3 minutes and your child can be talking to Santa.

DialMyCalls started doing the free Santa calls last year, and did so well with it they are doing it again. From the looks of things it might just be something we look forward to each and every year.

If you’re interested in having free Santa calls your kids for free hurry over and schedule your call. Have Santa Call for FREE!


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lisa February 23, 2013 - 6:02 pm
That's so cute. I can just imagine calling the kids to the phone and it's Santa! You might get a few confessions out of them!

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