Halt Family Arguments With These Simple Steps

by Heather

No one wants to argue with their own family. Unfortunately, these are the people that we’re most likely to argue with. Sometimes, it’s about taking out frustrations on those closest to us. And, if we are being completely honest, the family dynamic can cause natural frictions and disagreement that every family has to deal with. There are plenty of things you can do to change things and stop these arguments from happening. It takes hard work and effort, but it can be done. If you want to find out more, these steps will help.

Talk More, Argue Less

When you learn to communicate better with one another as a family, you can argue less. Talking is always the best way to avoid arguments. If you bypass talking and tend to go straight to arguing then your family has a problem. But it doesn’t need to be that way. With a little effort, over an extended period of time, this fundamental change can occur and be a success. Encouraging calm talk and discussion is something that should be focused on and encouraged in children from a very young age. It’s definitely a good idea to start young when it comes to these sorts of things. For tips on better communication with teenagers, you can learn more at webmd.com/parenting.


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Treat Everyone Fairly

One of the most common complaints you’ll hear from your kids is that ‘it’s not fair’. Although this can be the result of an overblown childhood tantrum, there is some logical that you will need to follow up on. If you want to have a happy and harmonious household, then it is important that everyone is treated fairly. Even the young people in the family should be treated fairly and not patronized. Patronizing youth just leads to more arguments, especially as they grow older and approach their teenage years. It’s always better to avoid this when you can, so be fair and don’t cause any unnecessary arguments.


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Make Time Spent Together Positive

The time you spend with your family should be positive and happy. So, create activities that you can do to together that everyone enjoys. It’s all about creating time when the family is together and happy, rather than together and arguing. The more you can do this, the less you will experience arguments breaking out. Consult everyone and let them have their say as to how you all spend your family time together. If everyone has a say, or you take turns choosing the activities, everyone will be happy. Create memories, get to know each other more deeply and just enjoy each others company.

Stop Fighting Over Fixable Problems in the Home

There are many small things that families can often argue about. But most of these arguments are silly and unnecessary. For example, if the TV isn’t working properly, it can be the source of an argument. Or when there is a DIY issue that needs taking care of, it can cause an argument. When your kids are using the internet, and it’s not working, it causes arguments. To fix that issue, go to internet.realitytvcalendar.com/att-uverse-internet-plans.html. These fixable kind of issues shouldn’t be allowed to become arguments. It’s much better to be proactive and fix them rather than allow them to drive a wedge through your family.

Give Everyone Duties and Responsibilities

There are many duties and jobs that need to be taken care of around the family home. You need to make sure that these tasks are shared in a way that is fair to everyone in the home. Draw up a schedule or chart that says what everyone needs to do. That way, everyone in the household will know what task is theirs, and they will know that the work is shared in a fair manner. For children, it might be as simple as tidying their bedroom once a week. But it’s good to get into the habit of handing your children some responsibilities. It will set them on the right track as they grow up and move forward.

Take Time Out When Things Get To Be Too Much

If you find that arguments are happening too much, you sometimes just need to step back. Removing yourself from the whole situation can actually help you cope. So, try it out. You might find that arguments begin to dissipate and disappear more quickly if you do this. Having some time to clear your mind and count to ten can also give you some perspective. Arguments and disagreements often seem much more silly and trivial when you get some perspective on what you’re doing. If you can do this, you can then come back and be the calming force that helps to settle things and halt the argument.


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Avoid Certain Topics

There are some topics that always cause arguments in households. It’s these issues that you would be best to avoid when you are trying to make your home a calmer place. For example, if you and your partner always argue over something like politics, then it’s best to not bring it up. By simply avoiding certain discussions, you can avoid arguments that are never going to achieve anything anyway. It’s something that two people have to learn to do together. It doesn’t work if one person is avoiding these kinds of arguments but the other one isn’t. So, discuss this with your partner if it’s a problem.

Remember That Some Disagreements Are Normal

Finally, it’s important to remember that arguments don’t have to mean the end of the world. All normal families have arguments and disagreements. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to minimize them. But you’re never going to cut them out completely, and nor should you try to. Families that have no arguments at all are not normal, and it might signal a lack of caring. Believe it or not, arguments can be a sign of vitality in a family dynamic. As long as the arguments don’t become too aggressive or happen too often, then they are probably harmless most of the time. Keep this in mind.

Did you find these tips helpful? What do you do to stop arguments amongst your family? Please share your pointers below and always remember to count to ten before reacting!

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Linda Manns Linneman September 2, 2016 - 12:32 pm
I am not a fighter. I hate arguing and fighting. It doesn't solve anything. These are some great tips which I will be using. Thank you so much for sharing

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