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A Guide to Choosing a Top Quality Gold Watch

by Heather

Gold watches aren’t the cheapest of timepieces, so it’s fairly important that you put the time and effort into selecting the right one. Regardless of whether this watch is for you or a friend, the following tips will help you to choose the perfect model. Watches should last us an awfully long time, especially gold watches as they are made from a superior material. Make sure you make the right decision with the following points:


1. Make Sure it Reflects the Wearer’s Personality and Lifestyle

The watch first needs to reflect the wearer’s personality and lifestyle. What I mean by this is, if the wearer is fairly sporty, then you’ll need a gold watch that’s sturdy and waterproof. When it comes to personality, a watch can say a lot about a person’s character. You can find watches that are fairly understated and simple, watches that are slightly in your face, and watches that have an unusual design that you don’t usually see. An unusually designed gold watch would be perfect for a person who likes to stand out the crowd!

2. Make Sure It’s Functional

More important than the look of the watch, is the function. A watch needs to function optimally in order to be high quality. They’re not only designed to look good, but to work well too. If a watch doesn’t work very well, then it renders the whole point useless! Make sure the mechanics of the watch are functional, and that the watch is very accurate with its features. Many watches don’t only tell the time, but tell the date and other things too. Take a look at these Shinola gold watches for example; they do more than tell the time.

3. Research the Brand

The brand of watch will be a big decider in how well the watch works and how long it lasts. Researching brands you like is essential. You may even find some articles online comparing two brands that you’re torn between.  Brands that specialize in high quality products will produce the best kind of watch.

4. Read Reviews

There are hundreds of reviews online, on watches of all kinds. I bet you’ll be able to find a review on just about any watch you’re looking at buying. Simply type the model and make with ‘review’ added, into a search engine and see what you find. You might find out that the watch you had your heart set on breaks easily, or that it lasts for years without needed maintenance. Reviews are very helpful, and I read them before buying anything at all, not just watches.

5. Know the Carat

A higher carat of gold will be more expensive to buy. This is because the gold is usually purer and heavier, so you get an even higher quality watch. Make sure you know the kind of gold your watch is, and that you don’t end up buying ‘gold plated’, which is very different.

Now you can buy the best quality gold watch that money can buy with confidence – happy shopping!

Image Author: Flickr

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lisa December 4, 2014 - 10:35 am
A gold watch can be quite expensive. It is a very thoughtful gift. If You mentioned some good things to keep in mind before making the purchase.
Linda Manns Linneman July 14, 2015 - 4:10 pm
These are great suggestions for looking for a gold watch. The one shown is so nice. Thank you for sharing this information

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