“Future-Worm!” is Coming August 1st ~ #FutureWormEvent

by Erik

So back in June I got to interview Ryan Quincy on his new show, “Future-Worm!” Well guess what? “Future-Worm!” is finally here. Well, in two days, it will be here. “Future-Worm!” is premiering August 1st at 11 am on Disney XD. I was able to watch the first episode when I was in LA and I was able to re-watch it today with my daughter and the hubby.

Now I have to be honest, my cartoon tastes run more to the Smurfs and Gummi Bears (the old school 80’s one), but the two of them were laughing hysterically. Keep in mind that she is 6, and he is, well, older than that (but sometimes I wonder about his mental state). In particular he seemed to be cracking up over the third segment. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but it had to do with those homemade coupons you give for Christmas and the challenges of a child attempting to cook an edible meal. This was something we were both familiar with. My daughter once tried to make something with flour, green food coloring, half a bottle of vanilla and Italian seasoning. So if you have children, or a husband, make sure they check out Future-Worm on Disney XD.

In the meantime, check out 5 fun facts about Future-Worm creator Ryan Quincy.


Disclosure: Disney sponsored my travel, accommodations, and activities during my stay in Los Angeles, however all opinions are my own.

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