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Furkids are People Too, Keep Them Healthy

by Erik

Disclaimer: Today’s post is a part of the Insiders Program on Bloggy Moms. All opinions are my own. My opinion is that you should get your furkids vaccinated.

dog flu

I have three children. And I want to keep them healthy. Well, for a little while I have four children. Only one of them is a people-child however. Right now, my daughter has three brothers: Oliver, Felix and Eli. They all have fours paws. Well, my daughter doesn’t, but her brothers do. Normally she only has two (brothers, not paws, I mean feet), but we are living with my mother-in-law for a bit so Eli is a temporary adopted furchild. Now life isn’t easy for any of us; 3 adults and four children (1 people, 3 puppies) under one roof in a not so big house makes for some fun hoops to jump through. So far we’ve been lucky, but imagine if one of the seven of us got sick? That would spread through the house like a fire through straw. Dry straw, not wet straw. Wet straw just kind of smolders and smells bad. Kind of like our dogs, which reminds me that they need baths. But more important than baths (although that determination kind of varies every day, because some days they reallllly smell), are vaccinations.

That’s right, vaccinations. It is super important to make sure your dogs are vaccinated. Why? Because they are part of your family. Do you like it when you get sick? No. Do you like it when your family gets sick? No.

What if there was a bug going around and you were exposed to it? You’re almost guaranteed to get it, right?  What if there was an easy vaccination to help protect you from getting it? You would make sure your kids got it, right? That’s the deal with the current strain of dog flu. Since 2015, the H3N2 strain of dog flu has been going around the United States. Close to 100 percent of dogs have no natural immunity to it, and that means if they get exposed, they will get infected. Now when we get sick, we know enough to not share food and drinks and wash our hands and all the other stuff that minimizes the spread of germs.  Dog flu is spread the same way. When was the last time you tried to sit down and explain all that to your dog? If you have had any luck getting your dogs to not share the water bowl let me know. I can’t even get ours to not eat toilet paper.

And in case you are thinking “It’s just the flu, what’s the big deal?”  In severe cases of dog flu, your beloved furchild could die from the dog flu.

dog flu

The point is, there is only one way to make sure your dog does not get dog flu and that is by getting them vaccinated. It’s a small price to pay to make sure your kids are around as long as possible. And Merck Animal Health has teamed up with The Dogist to present If This Dog Could Talk. A campaign to raise awareness of the rampant spread of dog flu and the effectiveness of vaccination (and it IS effective. Remember Polio? Me neither). So download Merck Animal Health and The Dogist’s If This Dog Could Talk: Tour to Prevent Dog Flu album and see just what you can do to protect your pup.  Download the Full Tour Album here.


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