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Free Blogger Opportunity

by Jenn

ppBloggers is your blog a  Page Rank 2 and Domain Authority 35? If you’re not sure there’s a link to check your domain authority in the post….  Don’t miss out on this awesome chance to win some cash for you and your readers have a chance to win too!  

Everyone loves Paypal Cash right!

1. $250 will be raffled off to all qualified blog owners

2. $100 for the blogger who gather the most Rafflecopter participants

3.  $300 for the Rafflecopter entries winner

Better hurry and sign up you only have until the 25th!  Get a free Facebook page, no worries links will be on the Rafflecopter.  Remember you Must be at least PR2 with a domain authority of 35 to be eligible to join. Please sign up only if your blog/s is/are qualified.  You can check out Domain Authority here http://moonsy.com/domain_authority/).

If you want to sign up you can sign up HERE.

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Beth February 16, 2013 - 7:46 am
so cool!! ( :

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