Football Extravaganza SMS Style

by Jenn
SMS stands for short message services or better known as texting. Mobile phones opened a whole new source of possibilities for keeping track of your favorite players or games. If work young man reading a text messageor life keeps you away from your TV, your smart phone or tablet with a few apps can follow the game for you play by play. Form a local group, get a text messaging service, offer links to the apps, and keep current on your favorite sport. Below is a list of apps to help you keep up with this year’s football season and ways to text message the fun.
NFL Mobile
Android, iPhone, and iPad all can download the NFL Mobile app. Basic features give video-on-demand with audio of NFL games on local broadcasts. A GameCenter section offers access to the day’s news, scores and league standings. It even gives up to the minute player news and in Spanish.
NFL 12’
Love Thursday night football? NFL 12’ for IOS and Android phones have it available. Exclusive sideline videos appear in this app along with live footage reporting of the game in real time. A sideline reporter receives tweets of questions from fans while the game is played. Use your SMS service to relay the answers to your group. Better yet play games and trivia in the app, text to your group, and have the answers for sharing when they are stumped.
Super Bowl Time
Super Bowl time comes yearly so make the most of it whether you are going or daydreaming of attending. Super Bowl Official Guide app gives you the information to become the person to go to for Super Bowl needs, wants, and stats in your SMS group. A detailed guide to local restaurants and events let you plan the ultimate escapade. If you are not able to attend Super Bowl, then the app lets you create realistic scenarios of what you would do if you attended. Maps of the city and the stadium allow planning of every aspect of the trip. Social media buzz lets you give your SMS friends the play by play minute by minute.
Fantasy Football
Football season does end every year, but your SMS fun with your group does not have to end. Download the NFL Fantasy Football and create your own dream team. Provide team information, stats, player news to your SMS friends and predict the outcome. Have endless hours of debate over who the best players are individually and who would make the best teams. Discuss customizing logos for the fantasy teams. As the key notifications come in direct to different friends and watch the conversations begin.
NFL Flick Quarterback
Watching all those football games makes a person see the possibilities of better plays the quarterback should have made. Here is your chance to prove what you say is true. NFL Flick Quarterback gives 32 official NFL teams where you can become the quarterback. Bring up favorite games to SMS friends where the quarterback plays were not quite what you as a fan wanted. Make your challenge of what would have been better, debate, and then play the quarterback position and see what happens. Take suggestions from your texting friends.
Dream the dreams the professional players do. Talk the lingo. Have fun with your SMS group.
Brent Messenger is the Chief Marketing Officer at TextMarks, an industry leading SMS Marketing and Communications platform.

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Brenda January 30, 2013 - 11:55 am
Thanks for all the info. Jenn! Sounds like fun and something I should check out. I'm a die hard football fan and hate that the season will be over after this weekend. I found this resource and thought it was worth sharing: This is another excellent resource for not only how to view the Superbowl online but explains extra features and benefits to online viewers that tv viewers won't get. One example of this includes certain camera angles. Others include interactive DVR controls allowing for pause, rewind, slow-motion replays, continually updated player statistics, and interactive elements for the second screen experience.

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