Fido Bullying Your Furniture Again? Problem Solved!

by Karen Hand

Sounds like your best bud needs something of his own to chew on instead of your prized possessions.  Rather than bullying your furniture, get him his own bully – his own Bully Stick that is.  Best Bully Sticks carries not only the best bully sticks around, but also elk antlers, toys, beds, and much more.



Best Bully Sticks is also a company that cares about its fellow dog.  Recently they donated pet beds across five different rescue groups.  Way to go Best Bully Sticks!  Two, uh four paws up!

If a bully stick isn’t quite what you think your pup would like, remember at Best Bully Sticks you can find most anything your furry, four-legged, friend could want, from treats to toys and so much more.

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