What to Expect … When You’re Not Expecting

by Heather

what-to-expectFor as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mommy. If you joined our Trying to Conceive Journey last month then you know that this is something that I never thought I would be able to experience. And then, nearly seven years ago, we became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. After going through the hardships of having a newborn, the lack of sleep, the “terrible” twos, and the truly terrible threes we knew that we wanted to have another baby.

We started discussing having another baby almost immediately after our daughter was born. My physician explained that the first eighteen months after giving birth were the most fertile time for a woman, even those that had struggled to conceive in the past. As I sit here typing, almost seven years later, I can tell you that it didn’t work out for us and to this day, still hasn’t.

As I shared in my last post, we have seen doctors and had the help of specialists, I’ve tried medications, shots, and IUIs, we followed a plan but it hasn’t worked yet. After five IUIs, a great deal of heartbreak, and a lot of talk we decided to take a break. We decided if it was meant to be then it would be … at least, that is what people have been telling us for years … and we moved on with life deciding that it was more important to focus on our daughter instead of dropping thousands of dollars on something so uncertain.


Was this an easy decision? No. I cried tears that I never knew I had, I didn’t feel like a true woman, and I felt as though I had failed everyone; especially my husband. Were there times when I changed my mind? Absolutely. I would call my husband, tell him we needed to reconsider, and then by the time he got home from work, I found my “rational” side and decided there was nothing more to consider. I can’t put into words my thoughts, feelings, or emotions. Anyone that has been there can understand. Anyone that has struggled to have children will get it. I think everyone can empathize with this.

All was “good and well” until one day my daughter told me that she wanted a brother or sister. At first I kind of laughed it off or perhaps avoided it because I didn’t know what to say. It came up again and I tried to refocus her attention. Then a third, fourth, fifth, and so on … it kept coming up. After months of talk, we decided to refocus and try to grow our family but this time, our approach has changed. We will be seeking assistance in our journey but this time it will be assistance that isn’t as intrusive to our lives or pocketbook. We are hopeful that Stork OTC can help.


The Stork OTC is a uniquely designed innovative device you use at home, during ovulation, to assist your chances of becoming pregnant. Our FDA–cleared, over-the-counter device uses cervical cap insemination. This smart technique enables the sperm to quickly bypass the vaginal tract and places the sperm as close as possible to the opening of the cervix, right where it needs to be to swim up through.

A recently published clinical study demonstrated that in 85% of subjects, The Stork OTC delivered 3.23 times the sperm score value within cervical mucus compared to natural intercourse and … presents a greater concentration of sperm to targeted cervical mucus than natural intercourse.

While we would love to have another baby, we are mindful that we have a little girl to take care of. Fertility treatments, on any level, are an expense and one that is often not covered by insurance. Undergoing daily, weekly, and/or monthly treatments can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. And at the end of the process, a negative pregnancy test is a very real thing. Is having a baby expensive? Absolutely, we all know that children are very expensive. Are fertility treatments worth it? YES! I’ve seen the results of treatments that have worked. After spending thousands upon thousands of dollars over a two year period and being at the other end of a negative pregnancy test more times then I care to remember, I still believe it was worth it but this was not an expense that we could continue to justify. A product that costs less than $100 a month is something a bit easier to add to our budget. For additional information about the cost comparisons, click HERE.


Are we sure that this will work? No. BUT Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization aren’t a sure thing either. The Stork OTC allows us to continue our efforts from the comfort of our home without a prescription, the assistance of a physician, shots, scans, and a variety of procedures. Results from the Clinical Trials put us at ease and told us we are making the right decision. For the time being, this is what we are comfortable with, and after reading over a number of Success Stories, we are hopeful for our future.

This testimony from Ashley, who has been TTC for 3+ Years and has Unexplained, Secondary Infertility, caught my attention. It is like reading a version of my own journey. I can only hope that our story will end happily ever after as well.

“My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years with the help of an RE, after undergoing lots of treatments and tests we fell into the “unexplained” category along with a low sperm morphology count. National Infertility Awareness Week I reached out to review the Stork because I had been reading about it and was intrigued to see maybe if it would work for us and it is definitely more cost efficient. We were averaging $700 a month for IUI and injectable medication versus $80-90 at the store. At first I was a little overwhelmed with the instructions because they were so long and detailed, but once I fully grasped the concept we were good to go. The only downside for us was how uncomfortable the “condom sheath” was to my husband (I have read that some didn’t use it but instead just put the sperm inside of the cup afterwards). On ovulation night we used the 1st stork with the condom sheath and I kept in for about 5 hours, might I add there was no discomfort at all. The next night we used the 2nd stork, this time hubby just put his sperm in the cup and I left it in for about 4 hours. Afterwards, we said our prayers and hoped this might work for us. On 10 DPO we received a super duper faint positive and I almost thought I was just seeing stuff. The next morning I tested again and saw a faint line and took a digital which said “YES” best word I could have ever seen. I am without a doubt certain the Stork OTC helped us in our long 3 year journey! We went to the dr today and saw our baby via ultrasound and just lost it for that we are both forever grateful and thankful to the Stork for helping us in our journey!!”

Ashley’s baby is due February 2017.

I’m excited to share that The Stork OTC is now available at Walgreens. I have two Walgreens within ten minutes of my home so I take this as a sign! Did I mention that The Stork OTC is FSA approved? Check with Walgreens for details.

Thinking about trying The Stork OTC but still on the fence? We can help! Stork OTC will be hosting a Twitter Party on Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 8:00 PM ET. In addition to the chance to win prizes, Stork OTC will be on hand to answer your questions and provide additional information about their product. We hope to see you there!



We hope that next month we will be sharing a positive pregnancy test picture with you and celebrating a birth announcement. In the meantime, any positive baby vibes are greatly appreciated. If you would like to start your own journey in the hopes of being a part of the success story, check out Stork OTC for additional information.





Disclaimer: I am a Stork OTC Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

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Terry Poage October 11, 2016 - 5:50 pm
Sending good baby vibes your way. Good luck !!!!

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