Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Emigrating To Italy

by Heather


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Moving to a new place is always going to be a stressful situation. Moving three blocks down the road is a worry, but what about moving to a whole new country? Recently there has been a trend in people moving to Europe. Many of the European countries offer a pleasant quality of life and have a strong culture to take in whilst you are there. If you are considering moving to a new place and starting your next adventure then, why not consider Italy? The country has much to offer people by way of attractions, property and education. Here is everything you need to know about emigrating to Italy.

Where You Should Live

If you are moving to Italy, you will need to know where to look for property. As a foreigner, you may find it difficult to blend into society. It is best that you move to an urban environment, where the area will be multicultural. When looking for employment, the north is much more prosperous than the south, so you should look to cities in the north of Italy. Contact realtors in Italy and see what properties they have in the region.

Applying For Residency

You can travel to and from Italy as much as you like, but if you intend to set up home there then that is quite a different story. US citizens will need to get a visa if they want to stay longer than a few weeks in the country. If you are an EU citizen, you can stay in the country for up to three months without a residence permit. The passport offices will then help you to apply for a permit.  Make sure that you sort out your permits and visas before emigrating, as it will make your life easier when you reach Italy.

Transitioning To A New Culture

The Italian culture is unique, and so you will need to prepare yourself for a culture shock. The Italians love fine cuisine and coffee, but are wary of foreigners. When you move to Italy, it is best to try and absorb yourself in Italian culture as much as you can. The lifestyle here is not as laid back as in the rest of Europe, but you will find it easy to settle into a daily routine.

Finding Employment

Italy is still in the midst of a financial crisis and so the employment opportunity within the country is bleak. You will have to have a unique skill to find employment in the country. Teachers, doctors and social workers will find it easy to find employment. People of other professions will find it tricky. It is best to start looking for work before you move to Italy. That way you will know that you’ll have a job waiting for you in the country. Moving without any job prospects will be dangerous and could drain your funds fast. Despite the poor employment in the country, the cost of living is still quite high. That means that if you attempt to live there with no income, you will find you lose money fast.

Paying Into A Pension

If you live in Italy for a matter of years then, you can begin to pay into an Italian pension. You have to be working in the country for an extended period to do so. You must opt in to start making contributions to your pension in Italy, so make sure that you do this when you are working there. If you don’t work within the country then, you won’t be able to claim a pension in Italy. You should claim your pension from the country in which you worked for the longest period.

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lisa June 10, 2015 - 11:12 am
I'd like to travel to Italy. Pick up and move, probably not. Not without a job or knowing anyone there. It's hard to pick up and move to a new state under those conditions. I can't imagine another country.
Heather Pfingsten June 11, 2015 - 12:15 am
I am not sure I can imagine living anywhere other than the US; at least not at this time. I love to visit places but there is no place like home. It would be difficult, I agree.

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