Everything You Need to Organize When You Move to a New Home

by Heather

It can take quite a bit of organizing when it comes to moving to a new home. There is the packing to do, as well as the arranging movers or getting friends to help. You can often forget about the things that happen once you move in. Not only do the boxes need to be unpacked, but there a whole host of other things. You want to organize some of the things before you move to make things a little less stressful. So here is a little checklist to follow, so you can get on top of things before and after you move.


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Change of Address Forms

The Post Office makes it super easy now to set up your mail forwarding and change of address. So you let the post office know where your new address is. Then they can send on the mail to your new address. It’s free, and you can set it up for as long as you might need. Giving yourself two or three months to let everyone know your new address will help your stress levels after moving! So this is certainly something that you should look into. You could look at https://www.usps.com/manage/forward.htm for more information.

Changing Your Address

There are quite a few people that you need to change your address with. So if you can’t set up a mail redirect, you’ll have to do it all before or just after you move. It is a bit of a top priority, so make sure it happens. The first people to let know are your banks and bill providers. Think about everything; from the electric company to your mobile phone company. You will need to change the address on your driving license as well as things like insurance too. Some businesses will automatically pick up your change of address from the post office, but don’t rely on that exclusively. It is a good idea to let distant family and friends know too. They aren’t as much of a priority as something like the bank. But it could be easier to do by emailing, texting or letting people know on social media.


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Broadband and Phone

When you move to a new home, you will want to have the internet and a working phone as soon as you move in. In most cases, this can be fine. Quite often, you just call up your broadband provider and give them your moving details. Then they can transfer the account to the new address on moving day. If that isn’t possible or you want to change providers, then look into it before you move. You could start by looking online, somewhere like http://www.suddenlink.com/. If you don’t do it before you move, you might be without for a few days or even weeks.


If you have children, it is important to look into the schools in your new area in plenty of time. You will want your children to have a good school, so planning in enough time is very important. It might even help you to decide when you will move. It will help to give their current school a head’s up too. If you aren’t moving too far away, it might be worth keeping them at their current school, until a space at the new school is available.

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