What Every Woman’s Dream Bedroom Would Include

by Heather

Wouldn’t we all love a luxurious bedroom? A bedroom that we could enjoy hours and hours away in; trying on clothes, putting on makeup, styling our hair, relaxing in dim mood lighting. How exciting would that be? This post will outline everything I think a woman’s dream bedroom would include. This could perhaps inspire you to give your current bedroom a makeover!


A Spacious Dressing Area

A spacious dressing area to style hair and apply makeup is any woman’s dream come true. You can find lots of lovely dressing tables online complete with big mirrors, then all you need is a comfortable stool to sit on as you get ready. If the dressing table has a good amount of storage, that’s a bonus. You might even like having fairy lights displayed around the mirror.

An En Suite Bathroom

No classy lady should have to share a bathroom, so what could be better than an en suite? This way, you can bathe, shower, and pamper yourself in peace away from any annoying men. ;)

Fitted Wardrobes

A fitted wardrobe looks sleek, and can save a lot of room in your bedroom. Having a wardrobe that sticks out just gets in the way after a while, and if you have as many clothes as I suspect you have it’ll be taking up a LOT of room. By having fitted wardrobes, you’ll give your room a sophisticated look while storing your clothes safely.

Quality Full Length Mirrors

Not all mirrors are made equally. In fact, it can be hard to find quality mirrors. Many mirrors are not true to image, and will distort what you actually look like. Cheap mirrors should be avoided at all costs. Think you look better in some mirrors than others and feel confused? This is why! Quality, full length mirrors should be included in any woman’s dream bedroom.

Mood Lighting

It’s important to have different types of lighting depending on what you’re doing. Task lighting is best for applying makeup and doing hair, while you’ll want to be able to dim your lighting if you’re simply taking some time to relax. Dimmer lighting is also more flattering if you’re getting close to your partner, if you know what I mean.

A King Size Bed

There’s just never enough room. We’d ask for larger if they came bigger than king size, but unfortunately, they don’t. We enjoy having lots of room to spread out and sleep, as you men will know full well. The bigger and more luxurious the bed, the better!

If you’re redesigning your current bedroom or thinking of making some changes, use this list to inspire you. I bet you’d enjoy having a few of these luxuries included in your room. If I could choose just one element, I think I’d go for the fitted wardrobes. My clothes are spilling out of my closet, so it can never be too big or too fitted in my opinion! What would you have in your dream bedroom? Leave a comment!

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