Educational Children’s Apps by Kid’s Academy with updates

by Heather


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kid’s Academy and in conjunction with Mom Buzz Media. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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Kid’s Academy, the creator of educational mobile apps tailored to Pre-K aged children, recently introduced us to three of their apps.

The first app that we tried was ABCs Alphabet Phonics & Montessori Learn to Read App for Toddlers. This app is intended for children age 5 and under and focuses on mazes, rhymes, letter tracing, and learning to read.

I love that this app teaches children to write in uppercase AND lowercase as last year, my daughter was only taught to write in uppercase. We spent some time working on lowercase over the summer; however, she is still having some difficulty identifying the lowercase letters. In school this year, they are focusing on uppercase and lowercase at the same time! The schools efforts in conjunction with this Kid’s Academy app has gotten my daughter back on track and will hopefully advance her by mid-year. Having an app with bright colors and easy to trace letters has made the learning process easier and a lot more fun. Download it on iTunes here.

The second app that we were introduced to was the Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Kids Games for Toddlers. This app is geared towards children age 5 and under and uses games to introduce kids to foundations in reading, writing, and arithmetic operations.

I love that this app uses repetition to help little ones learn numbers and sequence. With my daughter, we have learned the repetition has been the best way to teach her something that will actually “stick” in her mind. Her recall is fabulous once she has mastered the knowledge at hand.

As an added bonus, the app offers two levels of difficulty as well as left and right hand modes. I like that before the letter appears, the narrator says the letter and then there is a picture of something that starts with the letter. This is a great way to build a foundation for learning on multiple levels. Download it on iTunes here.

Our third app was Bingo ABCs Alphabet Phonics Song with Farm Animals Cards for Toddlers. Created for children ages 5 and under, this app introduces little ones to popular songs from when I was a child. Catchy tunes and simple lyrics provide tons of entertainment and giggles! I admit that I hum and often sing along as my daughter interacts with Bingo.

I have to admit that this is my favorite app of the three. I had the best time introducing my daughter to songs that I used to sing as a young girl. I also love to listen to her sing and she now walks around the house singing Bingo and the ABCs non-stop. The app assists children in learning their letters, the colors are bright, and the characters are engaging. This has been the perfect playmate to brighten our day and is the first thing that my little one accesses as soon as we give her iPad time. Download it on iTunes here.


We enjoyed all three Kid’s Academy apps. The only downfall is that we were only provided with the free version to review. I would love to have the full versions and have been considering purchasing them for my daughter. That being said, I believe the full versions should have been provided for review purposes.

Kid’s Academy apps provide educational resources that strive to make learning fun and they have accomplished that goal in each app. The graphics are crisp and bright and held my daughter’s attention much longer than other learning tools. We also enjoy the playful background music/sounds and the characters that we have met along the way.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kid’s Academy and in conjunction with Mom Buzz Media. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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