Easter Egg Coloring Pages

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Have you ever wondered about Easter Eggs? If the symbol of Easter is a bunny (why is that anyway?), why are hard-boiled colored eggs associated with Easter. Beyond their colorful exterior lies a rich tapestry of history, symbolism, and tradition that spans centuries. Join us on a journey as we unravel the fascinating origins of Easter eggs. Then, check out the Easter Egg Coloring Pages we have included below.

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The custom of decorating eggs for Easter dates back to ancient civilizations, predating Christianity. In many cultures, eggs were revered as symbols of fertility, new life, and rebirth—themes closely associated with the arrival of spring. Early civilizations such as the Persians, Egyptians, and Greeks exchanged decorated eggs during spring festivals as tokens of good luck and renewal.

How the Tradition Spread

With the spread of Christianity across Europe, the tradition of Easter eggs became intertwined with the celebration of Easter. Eggs, previously symbols of pagan fertility rites, were seamlessly incorporated into Christian practices, representing the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise of new life.

One of the earliest Christian references to Easter eggs can be traced back to medieval Europe, where eggs were forbidden during Lent, the period of fasting and penance leading up to Easter Sunday. As Lent drew to a close, eggs laid during this time were boiled to preserve them and were often decorated as a festive treat to mark the end of the fast.


The practice of decorating eggs evolved over the centuries, with various techniques and styles emerging across different regions. In Eastern Europe, intricate patterns were etched onto eggs using wax resist methods—a technique known as pysanky. Meanwhile, in Western Europe, eggs were dyed using natural ingredients such as onion skins, berries, and plants, resulting in a spectrum of earthy tones. Psst, this would be a great time to add your kids Easter Egg Coloring Pages to the decorations. This will allow them to feel part of the decorating and they will be proud of their achievement!

Egg Hunts

During the 19th century, the tradition of Easter egg hunts gained popularity, particularly in German-speaking countries. Children would search for hidden eggs in gardens and parks, delighting in the thrill of the hunt and the treasures they uncovered.

The association of eggs with Easter received a significant boost in the 19th century with the introduction of chocolate eggs. In 1873, British chocolatier J.S. Fry & Sons produced the first chocolate Easter eggs, revolutionizing the way people celebrated the holiday. These decadent confections soon became a staple of Easter festivities, beloved by children and adults alike.

Modern Times

Today, the tradition of Easter eggs continues to thrive around the world, with each culture adding its own unique twist to the celebration. From intricately decorated pysanky eggs in Ukraine to elaborately crafted chocolate eggs in Switzerland, the diversity of Easter egg traditions reflects the rich tapestry of human culture and creativity.

As we marvel at the beauty of Easter eggs this spring, let us not forget the ancient roots and profound symbolism that imbue these humble treasures with such significance. Whether adorned with intricate designs or crafted from the finest chocolate, Easter eggs serve as timeless reminders of hope, renewal, and the enduring spirit of Easter.

So, as you gather with loved ones this Easter season, take a moment to reflect on the journey of the humble Easter egg—from ancient fertility symbol to cherished holiday tradition. And perhaps, as you crack open that colorful shell, you’ll discover the true essence of Easter—a celebration of life, love, and the promise of new beginnings.

Easter Egg Coloring Pages

So what are you waiting for? It time to print out some fun Easter Egg Coloring Pages for the littles! We have included easy to download and print versions of our Easter Egg coloring pages below!

Click the one of the pictures below to download our FREE printables! 


Easter Egg Coloring Pages


Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Looking for even more Easter Coloring? Check out these coloring books. Should we post more coloring pages? Are you looking for more Easter Egg Coloring Pages or spring, summer, or maybe unicorn? Let us know in the comments below!

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