Dr Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit 44% Carbamide Peroxide #drsong

by Heather


I’ve been an avid coffee drinker since I was in grade school. Yes, you read that correctly, I think I started drinking coffee when I was in fourth grade. I also smoked for a number of years. I drink soda and eat a number of foods with acid in them. Oh, I should probably note that I hate going to the dentist too but that is mainly because I have sensitive teeth.

No, this is not a laundry list of all of my flaws. I brush my teeth three times a day and try to maintain a healthy mouth but that has not always been easy and definitely has not always been the case. I still drink coffee like a fiend but I quit smoking and have cut back on my soda intake. Unfortunately, changing my habits did not change the damage that has already been done to my teeth.

I have looked into teeth whitening but it is ungodly expensive. I’ve tried different whitening toothpastes off and on but they don’t work. The strips, I spent all that money, tried them once and then gave my sister the box. After numerous failed attempts I decided that my teeth were okay enough and I knew that I wasn’t willing to stop drinking coffee so I gave up.

And then it happened. I was buckling my daughter into her booster seat after her picking her up from school. I went to give her a smooch on the cheek after telling her I had missed her and as I was getting ready to kiss her she said, “Mommy, why are your teeth so yellow?” Not only was I devastated, I was mortified. I didn’t even know what to say at the time so I shut the door, walked to the driver side of the car, and started our journey home. She started singing and the conversation became nothing more than a mere memory, at least for her.

I started looking into teeth whitening again but cringed when I saw the cost and simply could not justify the expense. But the “you have icky teeth” gods must have talked because within a couple of months Dr Song asked me to review their Professional Teeth Whitening Kit. My response was a resounding YES!

We will skip the formalities and get down to the knitty gritty … does this stuff work?

As I mentioned above, I have extremely sensitive teeth so any form of product aimed at the mouth, especially teeth makes me really nervous. I was excited when Dr Song offered to send me their Remineralization Gel as well; it is for remineralizing and reduces teeth sensitivity. It is used after the whitening treatment so we will get back to that.

I will say, for me, this was not a miracle worker. At least, not at first! It took me four applications to start to notice a difference but to me, that does not make this product a failure. I may be wrong but I don’t think whitening treatments at the dentist’s office are miracle workers after one application so why would a home treatment be any different? As I said, I started to notice a difference after four uses and it has only gotten better from there. The Dr Song Treatments DO WORK!

One kit is said to contain 50 applications but I did not use the amount that it said would be needed, I used less. That just means the product will last me longer and I am all for that! I still drink coffee all day so I need all the help that I am able to get.

As for the Remineralization Gel, I love it. I have a few extremely sensitive areas in my mouth so I applied the gel right after my whitening application. There wasn’t any pain in those areas so I believe the gel did its job. Needless to say, these areas are so sensitive that I am too chicken to try whitening without it so I will go on believing the gel is my savior. ;)

41hMFJ1rLPL._SX425SX425_SY320_CR,0,0,425,320_PIbundle-67,TopRight,0,0_SX425_SY320_CR,0,0,425,320_SH20_Overall, this is a great kit at a great price and I love that this allows me to work on correcting one of my flaws that leaves me feeling rather unconfident, in the privacy of my own home. I definitely recommend this kit to anyone looking to whiten their teeth at a reasonable price. Just remember, it may take a few uses before you see results!


Dr Song Medical is a medical cosmetic laboratory that originally manufactured products for professionals, doctors, and medical facilities. Dr Song products are made in the USA and are FDA compliant.


Maximum strength take home teeth whitening kit, the same ones used by dentists, but done in the convenience of your own home! Since this kit contains professional maximum strength whitening gel, it is not recommended for use if you have sensitive teeth.

Kit Includes:
• 8 large syringes of whitening gel – good for 50 applications
• 1 large remineralization gel syringe
• gel applicator brush – for easy application of whitening gel
• LED Blue Light Accelerator – for acceleration of whitening process
• moldable teeth trays


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Tandi V December 17, 2014 - 2:06 pm
I will have to look into these more. I smoked for 10 years and I drink coffee. My teeth are disgusting yellow but they aren't bright white either. I notice it more in pictures. I would love to have them white but have it not cost me an arm and a leg...lol

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