Double Wall Ovens for Everyone at Best Buy

by Erik

I love my kitchen. I may have written about kitchens once or twice. Or 37 times. I may have written in particular about my double-oven and my particular love for it once or twice. Or 37 times. I love my double-oven. I make no qualms about that. The double-oven is the single greatest invention ever. After the lightbulb. And books. And electricity. And the Internet. Ok, so maybe the double-oven isn’t the greatest invention of all time. But for a home chef like me, a double oven is a huge benefit. You know what could make it even better? Aside from a double-oven that come with a trained chef of course. How about a double oven that doubles as a microwave? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the LG Combination Double Wall Oven at Best Buy.

best buy

Finally, the oven of my dreams. Ok, not quite, since it doesn’t come with a trained chef. But it comes close. So, what makes this double oven so awesome, more so than other double ovens? Let’s start with the black stainless-steel finish. Everyone knows that Black Stainless Steel is the new…black? Ok, so maybe that joke doesn’t really work. I suppose it needs to be <whatever color is new but isn’t actually black> is the new black.  But in this case the new color is Black Stainless steel, which is still actually black. Oh, who cares? I love all these new black stainless-steel appliances. And I want them.

How about the aforementioned dual-purpose oven/microwave? This is something I desperately want. Along with a trained chef took for me, but I’ll settle for this super-fast infrared oven, that doubles as a microwave. This is the LG TurboCook Speed Oven and I want one. Good-bye microwave that does one thing (microwaves) and on to a time-saving, TurboCook Speed oven that will cook things 2-4 times faster than a regular oven.

best buy

Have I mentioned that there is a deal going on at Best Buy now as well? Thru March 6 you can receive $500 off select 5-piece LG kitchen packages. So hop on over to Best Buy and get you some sexy Black Stainless-Steel kitchen appliances.

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product.

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Kathy March 19, 2019 - 12:20 pm
I love shopping at Best Buy. This overall look is amazing. I'd love to have this for my own kitchen. Really love the colors too!
Katherine S March 19, 2019 - 8:20 pm
I wish we had the wall room for a wall oven because I always wanted one.

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