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Dolby Cinema ~ Experience Moana #DolbyCinema #ShareAMC #Moana

by Erik

dolby cinema

Have you ever been to a concert? I don’t care what kind, but something where music was played? If you have then you know that the venue is important. A high school gym is not designed for music. It’s a big box with weird obstructions all over the place, distortions and reverberations all over the place. In other words, terrible acoustics.

Now have you ever been to a concert at an actual concert hall. The music is crisp and clear all over. No distortion, no quiet spots, no obstructed view. In other words, great acoustics.

The venue matters.

And so it is with movies. Believe it or not (sorry Mr. Ripley), the theater matters.

Dolby Cinema

And that’s why Dolby Cinema at AMC is my new favorite theater. And that is where I saw Moana. Now these theaters are a far cry from the box like theater I went to as a child. Imagine being a child, super excited to go see a movie, only to get there and you practically have to stand in your seat to see around the person in front of you. Or you can barely hear anything in the movie because the sound system is just so lackluster. I’m not going to name names, but there was a rather famous movie about a very short alien with a glowing finger…I didn’t realize there was an actual alien until the movie was almost over because I couldn’t see around the person in front of me.

Dolby Cinema at AMC does NOT have this problem. It has the opposite problem; the stadium seating makes sure everyone can see the entire screen. Oh wait, that’s not a problem!!

dolby cinema

And the sound? Moana is not a movie you want to experience in Mono (I’m not sure how to even explain what Mono is to all the youngsters out there). A Dolby Cinema at AMC is the opposite of Mono. It is truly immersive sound from about a million speakers placed throughout the theater (that number is an approximation that may vary by 1 to 999,999 speakers. Don’t be picky, there are a LOT of speakers. All those things on the wall in the picture above…speakers!!). You will get shivers listening to some of the songs in Moana in the immersive sound experience that is Dolby Cinema.

Be sure to check back for our review of Moana (coming soon). But when it’s time to experience Moana yourself, find a Dolby Cinema near you to experience Moana the right way.

Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Dolby Cinema at AMC. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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