Divine LEDs Headlamp Review

by Heather


Man discovered fire, and that was all useful and stuff. It provided warmth and a way to cook food and the means to melt metal to make spoons and provided light. But as cool as all that is, fire by itself is pretty inefficient at all that stuff, there are better ways to do all that now (except maybe the spoon thing). Take light for example. Imagine trying to light your house with a big wood fire in the middle of your living room. It would totally catch the carpet on fire and poof, there goes your house. Or imagine that you needed to fix a leaky pipe under the sink. Either the leaky pipe puts out the fire or the fire catches your cabinet on fire and poof, there goes your house. The villagers chasing Frankenstein’s monster with flaming torches? Yeah, really they just wanted to see where he was and light up the path so he could get home. And you know how that ended, poof, there goes the windmill.

You know what those villagers really needed? Divine LED Headlamps, that’s what! Then they would not have mistakenly burned down that windmill. With a Divine LED Headlamp you just adjust the straps that go over and around your head for a perfect fit and then push a button to turn the headlamp on into one of three modes: bright, low and blinky (is blinky a word?). If all the villagers were wearing one of these, then some of them could have the bright spot light on to show the path and make sure no one tripped while some had them in blinky mode to help Frank know where to go. Now that would have avoided that whole unfortunate “burn him burn him he’s a monster” problem. ;)

 Divine LEDs Headlamp

  • HANDSFREE ILLUMINATION! Biking, camping, running, or building a new shed … instantly improve your visibility with the powerful divine headlamp and it is all HANDS-FREE!!
  • SUPER BRIGHT, COMFORTABLE, & DURABLE! Divine dares you to find a headlamp that is brighter or comfier. If you do, they will give you your money back.
  • MILITARY-GRADE MATERIALS! The advanced, compact design of the headlamp is all thanks to high-tech, military-grade aluminum. The exclusive blueprint combines maximum brightness, durability, lightweightness (is that a word), and compactness.
  • ADJUSTABLE & ZOOMABLE! Backed by high-tech features such as 2000x zoom, adjustability, ultra-brightness, and three different light modes.
  • SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK! Divine LEDs products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When ordering, knowing that you are protected by a 90-day no questioned asked money back guarantee – even if the headlamp is returned broken. Complete satisfaction is the goal! The headlamp is also backed with a 10 year warranty that covers accidental damage and a LIFETIME warranty covering defection. It is not just a promise; it is a matter of brand integrity!





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lindamanns January 25, 2015 - 8:23 am
These are so nice. I love that they are made well and really illuminates your path or what you are doing. My son would love this. Thank you so much for sharing
Shannon October 14, 2015 - 4:04 pm
This sounds great and would be awesome for mechanics or crafters. Thanks for your review.

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