Descendants 3 DVD Review

by Heather


Disclaimer: We were provided a free copy of the Descendants 3 DVD for review, but all opinions are my own. Please note, this post contains an affiliate link. 

To say my daughter loves Disney, and specifically Disney princesses, is an understatement. So, when Descendants came out four years ago she was an instant fan. Yes, I am aware that Descendants is not really about Disney princesses, but about the villains, but that is beside the point. She loved the music, the characters, the whole story. So, needless to say, she was excited when Descendants 2 came out. And even more so when Descendants 3 arrived.

Yes, we planned our Friday evening around the premiere of the movie on Disney.

I must admit that watching Descendants 3 was hard. Mostly because of the tragic passing of Cameron Boyce whom I met in 2017. While I knew that a tribute was planned for him in the movie, my daughter was not aware of what had happened so we had to take a minute to explain. Once we talked that over for a bit we could settle in and watch the final installment of Descendants.

Here was my take. Let’s be honest, this is not a movie geared towards adults. There are no inside jokes, no innuendo, nothing for adults. It is a movie for kids. And I’m ok with that. But I was still able to enjoy it. It was a fun film that made my daughter super happy and excited and she still wants to watch it every day. I have obviously watched the first and second movies multiple times, so I am as invested in the characters as much as anyone. I also appreciate that it did not immediately make me want to scratch my eyeballs out like some kids’ shows (I’m looking at you Barney and Teletubbies). The characters bonded and the good guys triumphed in the end. And along the way the characters learned some life lessons, made some friends, and sang and danced their hearts out. If I had one complaint, it would be that the voices in some of the songs sounded weird. As if the voice didn’t match the singer (like from over mixing or something)

Will it be my go to movie for a late-night evening? Probably not. But my daughter is going to want to watch it. A lot. And I’m good with that (see aforementioned eyeball).

Now, if you want to read Baby Ninja’s take on the movie, keep reading below.

Baby Ninja Review

I just watched Descendants 3 and I love it. It is so happy funny and it took me on an adventure and a ride and it is energetic. Some of it is sad like in the beginning and end when they tell people who have not seen the news that Cameron Boyce died and a screenplay of memories that they had with him. It is unexpected for some. The parts of the movie it is a heartwarming and filling and you might cry a little and the teamwork is amazing. It makes me feel happy and warm inside. It makes you smile and laugh. Some parts are weird and lots of magic from spellbooks and brews. You just want to jump and laugh you feel like you would just want to be in the movie and go there. As my daughter always says she loves and is obsessed with it. She just wants to watch it over and over again. I am not a big fan of it but the 3rd one I liked it but some of it made me a little sad at times like at the time about Cameron Boyce and it just makes you tingle inside I was sad when you hear about Cameron Boyce. But the rest is happy, sad, and joyful, exciting and it makes you cry and funny weird and hilarious jumping up and down screaming. Yes, oh my gosh or no or just jumping up and down screaming. I love descendants so you should too and I think you will too so I hope you will enjoy it

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