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by Erik

I have to admit that I have done a lot of Christmas shopping online this year. And as a couponer, sometimes that can be a hard thing to do. I like hunting down deals and finding the coupon and scoring a win. I’m competitive like that. So when it comes to online shopping I’m always looking for the best deal or promo code for a site I might buy from.

So needless to say, I’ve tried all the major coupon or promo code websites. The main problem I have with a lot of them (as I’m sure many of you do) is that the deals aren’t real half the time. Someone posted a one-time use code they received and it won’t work for everyone else. Or the deal expired three months ago. Seriously? Why are you showing deals from the summer when it is December? And then I was introduced to Dealspotr.

To start with, Dealspotr is fun. It’s almost like a game. Unlike some other coupon code websites, the deals on Dealspotr come from a community of like-minded users. Dealspotr is focused on accuracy. They want to make sure that the deals people post are accurate and up to date. So much that they even give users an Accuracy score and that directly affects your points (told you it was like a game). You earn rewards by earning points. You earn points by posting deals and validating deals. The more accurate you are, the higher your accuracy score and the more points you earn for each deal or validation.

Now what do you do with those points?

You get gift cards.

That’s right. You can actually turn your efforts to help people save into actual gift cards. How many other deal sites can say that?

And it’s super easy. Step one is go to Dealspotr and sign up. Bonus, when you use our referral code (in the link) you start off with an extra $5 in rewards.

Step 2, start looking for deals. Look for a code or sale for somewhere you are going to shop. If you use the deal, validate it on Dealspotr to earn rewards. If you are doing some online shopping and run across a new deal, post it on Dealspotr to also earn rewards.


Step 3, watch your accuracy score go up and the amount of point you earn for each deal go up.

Step 4; redeem your points for gift cards.

The great thing is that if you are posting a deal that is already existing, Dealspotr will point out that you are creating a potential duplicate and let you validate it instead. So you still earn points and help maintain the accuracy of the site. It’s like Wikipedia for coupon codes and deals.

In fact, check out a deal right now below

Disclaimer: I am a Dealspotr Influencer. However all opinions are my own.

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