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by Heather


Do you feel as though you are stumbling through life, trying to find Mr./Mrs. Right, and the only people on the market are duds? Rest assured, this is a part of everyone’s dating life, or at least it should be, but there is still hope! Have you ever heard the old adage that it is necessary to kiss a few frogs before we find our prince/princess? I am proof that this is true and you can be too.

Have you recently gotten out of a relationship? Do you feel as though you put your all into your relationships but just can’t seem to find your “always and forever”? Do you feel like you will never figure out relationships and it may be time to give up and live a life of celibacy? Instead of heading to the self-help aisle of the book store, which I have admittedly done on more than one occasion, we may just have the perfect book for you!

Most people have been there, dating that guy or girl. The one we thought we’d be with forever because it seemed right. However, the more we get to know the other person, eventually we discover things aren’t always as they seem. Our friends, family, and instincts are trying to tell us to get out, but we keep making excuses to stay in.

Enter Kelly Rossi’s Dating the Wrong Men: The Misadventurer’s Guide through Bad Relationship Choices, a fresh, entertaining, and comically written memoir of the unbelievable stories of one girl’s misadventures during her twenty plus years of dating disasters. A true guide to love and romance for women working to find their prince in a pond of frogs, Rossi narrates her journey through each chapter highlighting a different ‘wrong man’ personality type that women are faced with in the current dating pool.

“This isn’t another book by an overly confident man psychoanalyzing everything you’re doing wrong, giving you that supposed ‘turn-key’ answer he’s created,” says Rossi. “This is a love story for any woman who has caught herself overanalyzing, making excuses, giving second chances, interpreting text messages, waiting for someone special, or even swearing off love forever.”

Written in a truly unique way, Rossi explores her struggles in the quest to finding love and fulfillment, while learning how to avoid the pitfalls in today’s selfish, male-ego driven society. Readers will laugh and cry as they venture through Rossi’s relatable adventures as she takes you through every outrageous relationship she has ever faced – from the ‘freeloader’ to ‘player’. For the women who constantly find themselves in the cycle of always dating and trying to find Mr. Right, this one-of-a-kind memoir will teach you how to break your frog-kissing habits, find a love you never knew existed, and learn how to hang onto your self-worth, dignity, and sanity!

“My book is the only dating book that does not play on people’s insecurities and fears that they are ‘doing something wrong,” adds Rossi. “I finally point out the ‘wrong-doing’- the cheaters, the abusers, the jerks, criminals, and assholes. I want to change this. I want women to stop beating themselves up. Women and men alike need to step up, be strong, and put the responsibility where it belongs.”

Packed full of witty, amusing, and hilarious adventures, Dating the Wrong Men touches on themes such as:
– The importance of determining your relationship needs and discovering your self-worth
– Learning how to avoid pitfalls and stop serial dating the ‘wrong men’
– Maybe it isn’t you! How society has warped women (and men), when in fact, they are the victim in the situation
– Turning negative experiences into your greatest advantage
– Letting go of failed relationships and ending the blame game
– And much more!

First, let me note that I absolutely adore this book and the author. It probably would have been humorous had someone set up a camera to capture my reactions while reading as I was doing a lot of head shaking, giggling, and at times was almost weeping thanks to Ms. Rossi. I felt like I was having an in-depth talk with a good friend over a glass of wine while we exchanged horror stories of our failed relationships in the hopes of finding a better tomorrow.

Ms. Rossi did a fantastic job capturing the essence of so many “types” of men. I am embarrassed to admit how many of these “types” that I met along the way in my search for Prince Charming but I assure you it was more than I am able to count on my fingers. I love that this was included in the book because it allows us all to take a deep breath knowing that we are not alone, we don’t have something tattooed on our head that lets attracts losers, and for me, it confirmed that I was not crazy and maybe, just maybe, I was not to blame for my continued failed relationships.

More importantly, I love that this book teaches us how to look at things from a different perspective. It creates rules, it creates hope, it makes us feel as though we aren’t alone, and it encourages us to find ourselves worthy of, great relationships, and happiness.

Like with every book, everyone will take something different away from the read. They will find that one thing that really resonates with them, hone in on it, and hopefully learn from it. For me, it was learning to let go of the past. Even though I am married now, my past relationships have helped define the woman that I am, the woman that I present to my husband in our marriage, and the way that I react to things that have occurred in our relationship over the years. I am lucky to have found someone that was able to accept and nurture my shortcomings thanks to past relationships but, that isn’t something that I want him to be burdened with for the rest of our lives. Reading Kelly’s book has allowed some of my wounds to heal. Don’t get me wrong, there are still scars there, but the scars are a reminder that we survived.

I don’t want to turn into a blubbering fool, which I am at risk of becoming, this is a great book and a must read for anyone and everyone. Even if you are happily married, I recommend that you pick up a copy of Ms. Rossi’s book. You’ll laugh, you may cry, and you will definitely get a headache from the head nodding but it is all well worth it!



Kelly Rossi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Oregon University. At 25 years old, Rossi began her first graphic design and marketing firm. In the late 2000s, she was known for the creation of popular event and entertainment websites in the Portland, Oregon area. Through her business and personal life, her strong faith is her guiding factor in all she does. For six years, Rossi was a member of the Rotary International, of which she is a Past President of the Tigard Breakfast Club. She is currently the Online Marketing Director for the Maloof Companies.

Rossi lives in Las Vegas, NV and Sherman Oaks, California. After spending more than twenty years of dating the wrong men, Rossi finally found her prince. They got married in October 2014.




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rkgummer January 13, 2015 - 2:01 am
Sounds like a great read!!
lindamanns January 13, 2015 - 5:38 pm
After being married twice I am one who has sworn off men. My first husband was with me for twenty five years and I kept hoping things would get better. They didn't. My second husband quit his job and wanted me to be his sugar momma. I never had one who put me first. I will have to check out this book
Janice Crespo January 13, 2015 - 6:00 pm
This sounds like a book for me! I married two duds and gave up. Perhaps I have a chance yet!
sherry butcher January 14, 2015 - 10:01 am
Sounds like a good read, not just for dating the wrong men women but for other family members too.

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