CrossWays Game Review #CrossWaysGame

by Heather

226a5da92cb24c5ca1fba97add464a33219241c8So yeah, the last time my husband and I played a game together was about 8 years ago. He said let’s play Monopoly, it’ll be fun. I said sure, that sounds fun.

About 4 hours and one huge fight later, we decided we probably shouldn’t play board games. We’re both super competitive when it comes to board games and after he totally destroyed me I was a little upset. So it was with just a little bit of trepidation when I got out USAopoly’s CrossWays and said “Let’s play, it’ll be fun!!”

He promptly said “Do you remember last time? We don’t play board games for a reason.”

CrossWays was fun and fast. We quickly lost track of how many games we played and how many each of us won or lost (well, at least I did, I suspect the hubby was keeping track in his head…).

The goal of the game is to make a path of connecting spaces from one side of the board to the other. You don’t roll the dice but instead use simple poker hands with the included playing cards. No matching cards lets you put a piece on one space. A Pair (or three of a kind/four of a kind) lets you put down that many number of pieces. A Run (2 of spades/3 of spades, etc…) lets you remove that many number of your opponents pieces (the hubby exasperated me a bit after doing that to me about 3 turns in a row). After a few games we even started making up our own rules.

So two hours later, and I don’t know how many “Do you want to play agains?” we may just try playing board games again (probably still not Monopoly though).


  • Easy for kids to play and challenging enough for adults to enjoy
  • More strategic than checkers and not as intense as chess
  • Balances skill with luck of the draw
  • Ages 8+ (2 to 8 players or teams)

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